A Farewell to Arms?

Home just now with our new pet Octopus Ollie, and a charming cephalopod he is.

It’s triple-bag wrapped for now and I’m going to keep it that way until I’m ready to boil the sucker so you’ll have to wait until Christmas Eve for photos of this culinary experiment!

I was fascinated by how the octopus suckers work and of course, thanks to Google, getting an answer is easy as one two three four five six seven eight! This National Geographic blog post is incredibly informative and even has a video of the octopus.


I had to ferry across the Mersey to Greenwich to get the octopus, thanks to the tip from Cobra to go to Bon Ton Fish Market. They were waiting for me and we had a fun conversation about finding one that was fresh (not live, but fresh). Another customer was fascinated and chimed in, asking how I was going to prepare it. This one is from Florida, a rarity to find domestic octopus I learned. Until I read the NatGeo article, I had no idea if octopus were unisex, or how they have sex for that matter (yikes!) but quite honestly, we only care about how good it will taste all grilled up and on a plate. Thanks Cobra.


On my way from the fish market to Port Chester to Kneaded Dough for bread etc, I was behind this vintage Mercedes, about the same age as the one my mother gave us, 1988. I liked his vanity plate but not sure I can figure it out. Zero Checker? Or is he a polo player, and the second word is chukker? I report. You decide.


Met up afterwards with a friend to have a Chrismukkah cup of coffee as she lights the first candle on the Hanukkah menorah on the 24th and we celebrate Christmas Eve.

I’ve done all the food and present shopping – only have to cook and wrap two last birthday gifts for our Christmas Day baby. Last night was a rollicking good surprise birthday party (that actually worked!) for a son. YaY!

13 thoughts on “A Farewell to Arms?

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes with Ollie. I went the easy route and bought a bunch of the precooked legs at Costco. Easy protein is such a blessing for me. I will send you photos later, if you like. We probably won’t eat it until Monday or Tuesday. Saturday night is shepherds meal (chartucerie, bread, cheese, olives, etc) with oysters for me (Moscow with caviar and Creme fraiche). Saturday morning is aebleskivers (filled pancake puffs), cocoa, coffee, champers and my gourmet version of pigs in the blanket.

    For now, I’m trying to manage getting all the wrapping done without getting busted! Tricky when they don’t go off to school for the day. It’s a big house….but they can sneak up!🎄🤶🏻

  2. Tony at Bon Ton Fish Market has been our “go to” guy for all aquatic edibles for years. Once weather permits, try grilling his salmon burgers. Highly recommended.

        1. I second that recommendation. Two excellent purveyors of fine edibles side by side. Talk about one stop shopping!

        2. BonTon has a huge sign in the window that you don’t even have to park- that they’ll bring your order out to you! I can see how parking there could be tough on hugely busy holiday pickup days. Smart marketing idea!

  3. Not to commandeer the post, but it’s sort of on topic: I have to buy lobsters tomorrow, and am debating between the aptly-named Lobster Bin, Bon Ton, or Fjord. A coworker recommends Bon Ton for all seafood, but has never done lobsters there. Lobster Bin is aptly named, but I don’t know anyone with personal experience. Fjord is good, but super pricey. Any Greenwich readers with thoughts?

    1. Thy had gorgeous lobsters at BonTon. As a matter of fact, the woman in the store with me eyeballed them first and said ooooh, but she was there for a container of their prepared tuna fish salad. It must be awfully good to make a trip to a fish market for tuna salad.

      I’d call each place first. Lobster is the kind of item that is often pre-ordered and while any one of those stores many have lobsters in a tank, they might all be reserved. When you call, ask what day the lobsters came in. Or, you can always opt for having one of the Maine lobster websites overnight you some straight off the boat.

      Don’ forget to buy real butter. What time should we come by??

  4. Bon Ton all the way. My MIL is a very exacting cook and Bon Ton is the only place in Greenwich she will buy seafood.

    No message in the license plate – CT recently changed their vintage car tags so everyone gets the”00″ start since they are new and then four random letters.

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