Bourbon and Politics

For the political winners and losers in my family, I’ve got something they can both enjoy….the winners can toast joyously….the losers, hey, drown some liberal tears.


The toughest choice is which bourbon is better to give the Trump voter? I’m thinking Hudson, made in New York, but Maker’s Mark is Kentucky made and Kentucky went for Trump. New York went for Clinton. Help me here.

Meanwhile, I can’t decide how mean I should be to my turncoat sister who went full I’m With Her Clinton-I Hate Trump mode this year. I bought this adorably funny trophy cup but haven’t decided if it’s too soon? She doesn’t have much of a sense of humor to begin with and is unhappy with all of Trump’s cabinet picks….maybe I’ll wait til her birthday next July?


12 thoughts on “Bourbon and Politics

  1. Bourbon. Another topic dear to my heart. Hudson is IMHO better than Maker’s Mark (which used to be my go to bourbon until I was introduced to Blanton’s). Bulleit is surprisingly good at its price point, so I would give that to the Hillary voter.

    Mrs RDW and I have gotten into Manhattans in a big way. Any of the above bourbons except the Maker’s Mark which doesn’t compare for some reason in a Manhattan, Antica Formula sweet vermouth, and Luxardo maraschino cherries. These ingredients do make a difference. Rob at Old Greenwich Fine Wines can hook you up with all of the above, plus some more good bourbons.

    BTW, I am knocked out in a good way by Trump’s cabinet picks.

    1. Manhattan with Rittenhouse Rye, Luxardo, and don’t forget Scrappy Orange Bitters and slice of Orange
      Winter Soltice celebration at sundown…4:30
      I’ll be on time

      1. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Manhattan. Sounds delicious but I think it’s a drink I’d order out, not make myself. My dad drank them. I think of it as a man’s man drink. Yes?

        1. No way. Lux cherries dripping with sauce! Orange wedges! Orange Bitters! Aroma swoon!
          Both the guys and gals who hold that slim stem glass don’t look around for approval.
          The first bite will mellow with every sip. If you want to stay on your feet for two….made it a highball on ice.

  2. Ulster County has quite the distillery scene. My bourbon drinking friends rave about Widow Jane.

    RDW, can’t ever see bourbon in a Manhattan. My father was a VO man his whole adult life. Agree with you on most of the cabinet picks. Have a hard time with the DeVos/Amway connection, never been impressed with Rick Perry and Carson is a terrible pick for HUD.

    1. I’m hoping Rick Perry, who I think is dumb as a post, will eliminate DOE and work himself out of a job as per his original campaign promise. Carson at least says some intelligent things and I can dream that he might do something similar. I just have most of Trump’s picks as winners and not career political hacks.

      I’ve met Wilbur Ross on a couple of occasions and I used to work for Vinnie Viola (money sticks to that guy as I was correctly advised), who was just named Secretary of the Army (though I’ve never thought the branch secretaries had much influence).

      I always wanted to like VO, but bourbon kept calling my name…

  3. A scotch drinker who won’t say no to a Jamesons I won’t opine on your bourbon choices other than to say I’m quite certain they won’t gather dust in the beneficiaries’ closets.
    Were you able to solve the tree lights situation or will we need to follow breadcrumbs with flashlight to locate the octopi feast?

    1. I’m basically a scotch drinker too but bourbon has gotten good enough that I like it more often than not, with ginger ale and a twist of lemon.

      Worst of all tree and light scenario: I had a bucket truck here yesterday and they found a snapped extension cord at the tippy top of the tree. Since I wasn’t prepared for that to be the problem, I didn’t have handy another heavy duty dark green long cord sooooooooooooooooo, while they found the problem, it will take purchasing another cord and getting the bucket truck back to repair. At $100/hour, I may let the eight strands of lights that remain lit stand pat for 2016. Bah humbug.

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