Making a List and Checking it Twice

What was supposed to be a couple of trips tuned into one long roundabout of Bedford Hills and Mount Kisco today – the bank, Mount Kisco Farm Korean Market, the bakery (closed!!), the supermarket, and the liquor store.


The Korean market was for yellow and red beets and baby artichokes. Fresh figs too…they didn’t have the figs but they did have the beets. Jalapeno pepper’s too for an appetizer of jalapeno poppers.


The liquor store for Prosecco and extra wine for the house and two bottles of bourbon as gifts.

The supermarket for most everything else. I did well, except for forgetting more M&M’s (don’t ask) and a pack of AAA batteries. I looped three times and never found them so I gave up. I bought a packet of figs but not real fresh ones. I was told everywhere I asked that fresh figs are not in season now. I forgot Egg Nog but I can get that last minute anywhere. I’m 99% done getting in food for all the holiday cooking. I’ll wait for the kids to come to help me cook – that’s more than half the fun. Especially with Egg Nog!!

I have yet to pick up the whole live octopus** in Greenwich and a filet mignon in Mount Kisco. I opted out of all the frozen choices of octopus I saw at Stew’s and supermarkets – the Stop and Shop today had whole frozen octopus from “The Philippines” and “the Philippines” was hand written on the bottom of the cellophane wrapping. Um, no thanks. The other frozen packets were from Thailand. Same with Stew’s – frozen but from far away.

**The octopus I’m getting from Bon Ton in Greenwich on Thursday is from Florida, fresh, but not live. He’ll clean it for me and I’ll be good to go. Finding it live and wriggling seems not doable unless I go catch it myself. After I pick up the fish in Greenwich, I’ll mosey back through Port Chester and get some sweet rolls or sticky buns at Kneaded bread for Christmas morning with scrambled eggs and coffee.

One of the things I did this weekend was to look for a new holiday dress. I need something red and fun for Christmas Day. I searched the Saks website and this is what the search came up with……I guess THEIR idea of a Holiday party dress and mine are slightly different! Hey, maybe I should by the black v-neck one. It might be the ho back in holiday!


Sad news out of Germany and Turkey but good news is that Trump electors holding on tight. The liberal tears are going to be pouring tonight if Trump is re-elected.

That’s it from me on this Monday. Oh wait, tomorrow the bucket truck is coming back to see what the dealio is with the outage of Christmas lights. Let’s hope it’s one loose connection for if it’s not, I’m pulling the plug and going full Grinch. No lights for you.

2 thoughts on “Making a List and Checking it Twice

  1. Healthy snacks? At Christmas? Sounds cruel. Might as well wrap up socks and underwear and call them presents.
    What’s up with both whipping and heavy cream? Even heavier is manufacturing cream which is extremely difficult to locate. Could make up for those healthy snacks, though….
    I get the seven fishes idea but I’ve counted only smoked salmon and octopus on your menu. How about some RI clams?

    1. Ha ha, healthy snacks. That’s in case neighbors and friends drop in – not for us! 🙂

      The cream is for two things – one pasta dish with truffle butter and for the icing of the pistachio lemon birthday cake. I bought one pint of whipping cream and will use not even half of it and likely throw the rest away. Waste. That happens to a lot of ingredients for special meals – you need a pinch and have to buy a pound.

      We’re not going for the full seven fishes dinner. Just the octopus. Clams are my least favorite thing to eat and one of the kids won’t look at them after getting horribly sick on bad clam chowder. We traditionally have mussels for New Year’s Eve.

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