More than a trace. Less than a blizzard.


I’d say we have a good 5″ of snow -early this morning the flakes were big and very pretty. Just now it’s turned to sleet, or a mixture such that I can HEAR the precip on the windows. Is it true that by tomorrow the temps will be in the high 50s?

No one on the roads, not even the town plow yet. I feel sorry for the local mom and pop stores today – this has got to be their bread and butter shopping day before Christmas. The weather may take more folks to the mall for indoor parking and indoor shopping. I hope the diehards stay local.

I’m pretty much done shopping, except someone has asked for MDT Polymer magazines for his Remington chassis system. Seeing them for sale online but might prefer to shop and buy them locally, other than the nearest dealer is in Huntington LI. Online it is.

Stay warm and dry folks. Happy Saturday. Only NINE days until Christmas!

PS: Who has upgraded their iOS to 10.2 for all the new Emojis? I have. What fun. Still no lobster though. Why is that??


2 thoughts on “More than a trace. Less than a blizzard.

  1. What model Remington rifle?

    I upgraded to 10.2 and the new emojis are great but it assumes that your text recipients are also iPhone owners. My daughter has an Android. My wife prefers her 1980s bag phone. My son is the only one with whom I can text emojis and somehow that’s just wrong.

    1. Remington 700.

      I laughed out loud at your comment about family members and the new emojis. My kids are all upgraded but not Mr. EOS. He’s back in some 8 or 9 iOS-land, refusing to ch-ch-change because he doesn’t like the lower case keyboard. So my texts to him end up including lots of question marks.

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