The Good News Is If I Order Now, I can Get second one free.


The bad news is that more than half of the strung Christmas lights on the tree outside are kaput. Who knows why. Loose connection? There are at least thirty strands of lights in that tree and of course, my luck, the ones that are out are all front facing and up high enough that not even a tall ladder can safely check. The only strands still working are in the back of the tree, the ones I can see from inside the house.

I called the bucket truck guy who did the work and he’s way upstate today and couldn’t even commit to trying to come tomorrow because we are due for some bad weather.

Sooooooooooooooooooo, this leaves me totally bummed, less for myself and more for the light the tree shines into the neighborhood. Who am I kidding? I’m bummed for myself and the fact that I just paid $$$ for the truck to be here.

Anyone know a Jamaican looking for tree climbing work?


2 thoughts on “The Good News Is If I Order Now, I can Get second one free.

  1. Sorry to hear about your lights out, must have been that high wind, maybe another wind will jiggle them and they’ll go back on??

    But the Laser Light star shower — now that I’m fascinated with. We always learn so much from EOS, I always say. We were taking a walk around the ‘hood last week and I’ve seen 3 or more houses with these and I COULD NOT figure out how they had a fishnet like strand of lights hanging from the top of the house and across the garage — then we realized it was projected. So now with your post the questions is solved – thanks to you. These are very cool looking so do get them if you’re thinking about it.

    1. You must not watch much TV because the laser light ads run as much as, if not more than the My Pillow ads.

      It’s not an option I will likely choose.I’m old fashioned enough that strands of lights still appeal. However, the cost of stringing and repairing them is becoming close to too much. My landscaper told me that I was his only client who kept the lights on year round. All his others take the down every eyar. I know I couldn’t ever absorb that cost twice a year but Mr. EOS said if every year I’m buying more strands and restringing, it’s the same amount of money. Damn, his logic wins every time.

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