Sheer Audacity!

Thankfully I don’t watch CBS This Morning to have seen Oprah interview The First Lady. But I saw enough clips online to come to my own conclusion. I can’t stomach linking the actual video here. I’ll let you search for yourself. The screen grab is enough to give you the sense of the audacity of which I speak. Ugh.


Michelle, enjoying the privilege of living in the White House for eight years, surrounded by staff, a loving family, every perk she wants is given her, no worries about paying the rent or worrying about health care. She’s taken some amazing vacations on our dime, her daughters have seen half the world, met leaders. Michelle has hosted soirees at the WH with some of America’s best talent, had birthday parties. But she’s feeling she has no hope?

They leave the WH to move into a massive Washington DC rental and it’s been reported they’ve already purchased two homes – California and Hawaii. Martha’s Vineyard will likely be next. Hey, their money, no problem there. But she has no hope?

They are leaving for Hawaii today aboard Air Force One, with family and friends going along, plenty of sunning, reading, golf for the president. Where’s the feeling of no hope there?

Please, someone, tell me where in all this she doesn’t have hope? I find her statements truly repulsive, and I rarely say something so negative about another person.

In other news, more than half the outside Christmas lights went out last night – a call into the bucket truck man has happened – waiting for a return call. The connections loose?

Heading up and over to Norwalk today where I expect it to be mobbed but I’m not driving so hey, I have hope today will be a good one! I hope it is for you too!

6 thoughts on “Sheer Audacity!

  1. Are you going to Costco to look for octopus? Maybe check to see if Stew Leonard’s carries it? Or try Pagano’s in Norwalk, ask them too 203-831-9670.

    1. I am going to Stew Leonard’s for a couple of reasons but have on my list to look for octopus, yes. The friend who I’m going with had Costco on her list so I’m looking there too. Don’t forget, my own fish market has frozen octopus right in Mount Kisco so that’ll be first if daughter in NYC can’t find and bring home the live.

  2. My wife watched the interview this morning and was screaming at the TV. I guess her visceral reaction was similar to yours. I am glad I was reading the paper.

  3. I normally stay off your cooking show blogging, but I recently had the grilled octopus at a high-end St Pete seafood place. Arms were about 3/4 inch diameter, and I found it very rubbery. Is this the fault of the chef, the frozen process or the animal itself? Should I ask Lidia?

    1. From what I gather, it’s the fault of the chef. Cooking octopus is very difficult and it can go from just right to rubbery in just one second of overcooking. I had some at Le Bernadin that was so outrageously good, I wanted to take it home.

  4. I searched and found the actual footage and I can not believe Michelle said the words she did. Her outgoing message is as sour as her personality.

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