Soooooooo, Verizon Pulls a fast one on me, eh?

UPDATE: Scroll to end

Remember that free network extender they said they’d send?? It arrived yesterday and look – a reconditioned unit.



This doesn’t work for me. At no time in my conversation with the Verizon guy did he tell me he was sending me used goods. I suspect, when a customer insists they don’t want to pay for a product that retails for $249, Verizon says, hey, wait, why should we give them a new one?

I’m about to call Verizon. Stay tuned…….


Contentious, that’s how my phone conversation with Verizon went. It started out okay, then quickly devolved into this customer service rep telling me they record all calls and he could prove that Sayeed (the first rep) told me he was sending me a reconditioned unit. I said good, play the tape, play it now, and let’s both listen. At no point did Sayeed tell me the unit he was sending me was reconditioned. 

Well, said Marlon, I can’t play the tape now. But I see from Sayeed’s notes that he told you it was reconditioned. I said, so you are believing Sayeed’s NOTES over my say-so that at no time did Sayeed tell me it was used?? Never.

The conversation was going nowhere fast. I said I felt like they pulled the wool over my eyes, they lead me to believe they were sending me a new extender. Marlon said at this point, remember we are recording your conversation now too, as if to threaten me that my tone was becoming inappropriate.

I stand firm that at no time was I told that the deal was to give me a used product. Ugh.

Hello AT&T?


6 thoughts on “Soooooooo, Verizon Pulls a fast one on me, eh?

  1. Verizon back office scene:

    Sam: Hey, Joe, She wants to know if her free Samsung extender should have been new OEM.

    Joe: Did she get the one with the exploding batteries?

    Sam: Yeah, I think so.

    Joe: Well, then, she got what she asked for.

  2. isn’t the point getting good phone service? if a reconditioned extender works, what’s the harm? i generally buy reconditioned electronics and save up to 75% of the ‘new’ price. i am currently using an LG G-4 phone that i bought for $150, reconditioned. the phone will [likely] be obsolete before the end of its useful life. imo.

    1. Yes, you are right. My objection is not being told. That’s all. I expected a new extender. Had the agent discussed this with me I would have had gone through the mental pros and cons.

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