I Swear, if one More Company asks me to Review the Product I bought…..

It’s such an annoying trend that I can’t seem to get around or out of…everyone and their brother asking for a review. From the car dealership after service to the Cunard peeps after our QM2 voyage, to every hotel and restaurant, and every last one of the third-party vendors at Amazon who sell anything from replacement toothbrush heads to dog bones….an email asking for a review. Make it stop!

This today from Home Depot….I mean, review strands of Christmas lights?


What could I possibly say? I plugged them in and they lit up??

The worst offenders are the Amazon people. I suppose, from their point of view, they are mom and pop vendors who rely on a good word of their product for more sales. I get that. But all Amazon Prime members know , or at least I think they know, that at any time you can go into your account, see a list of what you’ve bought, and choose to review it.

To be asked by email over and over to review it, with reminders, did you forget to review our product…no thanks. I haven’t seen how I can turn off notifications from third-party vendors for reviews. Anyone know if it’s even possible?

3 thoughts on “I Swear, if one More Company asks me to Review the Product I bought…..

  1. Wells Fargo went way overboard on this when they were also ripping off their customer base with phony accounts and un-necessary real ones.

    I actually had a WF rep call me up to ask about my feelings over a recent branch experience, which was a simple deposit.

    But the best one was in the depth of Sandy’s misery (freezing temps and no power for days, with dying cell phones.) Huddled under blankets, shivering about 9 pm, the WF Car finance dept calls up to see if I want to replace my 0.9% Chase Car Loan with a Wells Fargo 9.0% loan? I swear I am not making this up.

  2. Argh…you have had a day of ‘disasters!’ How about a Manhattan at 5:00.
    MEATBALL EMERGENCY – my disaster of the day. Mine fell apart in the pan so now I have MEATBALL HASH! Need help big time ……

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