Darn it all

My trusted and most lovable UPS driver was just here, dropping off a couple of boxes with Christmas presents in it. He unloaded the truck by himself and I said to him where’s your assistant tonight? [UPS hire seasonal workers to help drivers off-load boxes].

He said I don’t have an assistant this year. 


What???? I said to him, last week when you delivered boxes, the helper came to the door, and I handed your envelope with a Christmas cash bonus in it and added Please Hand this to your boss. The kid said yes, sure.

My driver shook his head, said that wasn’t his assistant and now he has to track down the envelope. I told him it was a red envelope that said boldly on the front To a Fellow Deplorable (remember I told you he was a Trump voter!).

I feel like I did something wrong here, that I should have gone outside and handed the envelope directly to the driver but it was raining that night. But now that I’m thinking about it, that night the driver pulled around in the circle of the driveway and parked facing going out. My driver has always pulled his truck right up to the front door stone pillars and brought packages in that way. I should have know my driver wouldn’t have parked that way. Darn it. It makes me so angry that I didn’t take the extra step and now it leaves my driver the onerous duty of finding the driver who took the money not owed him.

I can’t imagine that’ll go down well. I mean, if the driver who accepted the envelope KNEW he wasn’t my regular driver, he should have handed the envelope back right away and told me. Or, at minimum I would have expected the drivers were all good enough friends that receiving a sizable cash bonus you knew wasn’t yours, you’d hand it off at night back at the docks.

I repeat, darn it. Darn. Darn. I feel like such a heel.

3 thoughts on “Darn it all

  1. Nice VW van, but this week I saw a brown UPS ATV running on the sidewalks in Florida, pulling a utility cart. Two men, though. No red envelopes showing. You are no heal.

    1. You’d think there would be many types of UPS delivery vehicles – from ATV’s to giant trucks -depending on the geography. I’ve personally never seen the ATV – was it like this? (oops, can’t drop the photo while responding on the iPhone app). I’ll try later.

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