I Almost Sat Down There, And other Sunday Stuff

Damn stinkbugs. Fewer this year than last year but when they drop out of the light fixtures in the ceiling in the kitchen, ewww, just eww.


Watched the Army-Navy game yesterday and got goosebumps listening to the cadets and midshipmen sing the National Anthem. Take note ass**** Colin Kaepernik.

A funny I couldn’t resist posting….Hillary picking out her cabinet!


And finally, from CosHarbour, Shrink Wrap and a Steeple….winter is a’coming, maybe tonight with snow predicted here.


Go Giants! Happy Sunday one and all.

6 thoughts on “I Almost Sat Down There, And other Sunday Stuff

  1. Now I am confused. That is Cos Cob Harbor. Maybe from SB instead?

    I did the pre-dredge survey there. The marina should be removed for dredge, with ends in January.

    What’s up with that?

  2. Not my photo EI, it’s “CosHarbour’s” photo. We know its taken from the Water Club dock looking at St. Catherine’s Steeple, so it is the Mianus River. Does that help?

  3. Thanks, SB. I have been photographing and watching this scene with interest for some time, because the plan was to pull the marina apart, clear the space out for dredging, and for me to guide putting it all back in place, per my permit drawings for the operation. That has already taken place up the river at River Landing.

    So the first mystery is what happened to the plan?

    The second is, given CosHarbour’s other great places to go take pictures, did he/she end up at Water Club?

    1. Some of the great mysteries of life – I guess only CosHarbour can asnwer how he ended up at The Water Club, but if you’ve paid attention over the years, there’s been other photos that included boats and parts of Greenwich. That’s my Perry Mason conclusion. I don’t know for sure.

  4. ⚓️CosHarbour🛥=Cos Cob Harbor🚤
    I think only the 6′ navigation channel is being dredged by the contractor working with Army Corps of Engineers currently and not the Water Club docks.

  5. You and the U had me fooled completely. Perhaps you can opine on the origin of the name Cos Cob.

    The dredge contractors can make their own side deals, apart from Army Corps.

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