From the Days when I was a Good Mom


In sorting through all the Christmas decoration boxes, at the bottom of one I found a kit from twenty years ago, a gingerbread cottage template and recipe sold by Martha By Mail, a company that was, in my humble opinion, the best catalog for high quality items found nowhere else. I have my favorite cookie sheet from her. A sewing box that is extraordinary. Homemade Christmas decoration kits I still love and remember sitting with the kids stringing beads to make the star shaped ornaments.

Funny, time flies so much and those days of sitting for hours with little kids making crafts, working on projects, gluing, cutting, sometimes making a mess but still having fun…I miss that time.

The Gingerbread Cottage we made didn’t remotely resemble this one in the photo but golly we had fun anyway. I believe it collapsed after three days up – might have been a cat or a kid knocking in to it, but just seeing the kit makes me want to try making it now.


When the kids were really little we made an all-pretzel gingerbread house that was so impressive we boxed it up and put it in the attic for another year. The mice had another idea of what to do with the house. Oh well.

The kids are all grown but I hope they never outgrow making projects with me – decorating the tree, singing carols, sipping egg nog and reading The Night Before Christmas. Aaah.

Our tree is up, the stockings all hung by the chimney with care and it is snowing – albeit very little. Life is Good.

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