The LL stands for Leon Leonwood


We’re a family of LLBean boot owners. Tall boots Short boots. Lined boots. Unlined boots. Boots only for hunting. Boots for trekking down the snowy driveway to get the mail.

My favorite pair is at least 30 years old. A little higher than ankle length, lined. The last time we were in Freeport, Mr. EOS brought his old pair of Bean boots to have the soles restitched. No problem sir, they said.

Yesterday listening to Fox Business on the car radio, I heard reporter Molly Line tell a remarkably tale about Bean boots. Get this:

  1. The boots are made by hand, one at a time.
  2. They used to make 350 pair a day. NOW 2000 a day!!
  3. Ten years ago they made 100,000 pair a year.
  4. Now 600,000 a year with projections of 2018 making a million a year.

I can’t post the video to drop in because it’s not YT, so click here for her story on the “new trend” of Bean boots. Hey, American made. Quality workmanship. Stand by their product. What’s NOT to love about Leon Leonwood Bean boots, and all their other products too?

3 thoughts on “The LL stands for Leon Leonwood

  1. I too have several pair of old LLBean boots. But I also have a pair of Sorel boots lined with sheepskin that I like equally. Bean is a classic and I love visiting their store.

  2. Until a couple of years ago I’d be up in the Freeport area visiting family on a regular basis. Stopping by Bean’s before breakfast was a ritual.
    The branch locations don’t hold the same attraction. It’s either Freeport or mail order. I call my orders rather than order on line. Those nice people up there are just so pleasant and helpful. I forget where in Maine the call center is. Lewiston?Bangor? I’m pretty sure it’s not Freeport.
    It’s cold enough tonight to use a Hudson Bay blanket purchased at Bean’s.

    1. Agree about it either being Freeport or mail order…I don’t know where the call centers are. Sorry.

      I bought a NEW Hudson bay Blanket last year and while it doesn’t have the patina and smells of an old one, they sure do keep legs warm. Aaah.

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