I just want Ketchup Ketchup! 

Hey Heinz, I don’t want No Salt Ketchup. I don’t want Simply Ketchup that is gluten free. And I don’t want Reduced Sugar Ketchup. Not Organic at twice the price either.

And please give me a bottle that’s not the stupid upside down kind. Plain old red stuff that’s good on hamburgers and hot dogs! Too much to ask??

6 thoughts on “I just want Ketchup Ketchup! 

  1. Related to this, my family is reading or has read a most interesting new book called Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted. Eye opening from a number of perspectives.

      1. I would think a good cook like yourself would. It will also motivate you to want to go to the Parma and Reggio areas in Italy for extended holiday in order to partake of real parmassan(sp?) cheese and real olive oil and vinegar. I am already pre-sold on this based on my wife being there a couple of years ago and saying the Italian wine there is so much better than the Italian wine we get here.

        1. I cook like my grandmother did. She never opened a can (I do but not often) so i do know what I eat. The basics. Fish. Chicken. Lots of dark greens. Salad. Polenta.

          Having lived in Europe a few years, it was difficult to come back to the USA’s idea of cheese, wine, olive oil, coffee, pizza, bread, chocolate. Etc. It truly IS better where it comes from.

  2. It’s really awesome to hear that everyone everywhere has be cured of food allergies and hypertension so we can all enjoy one specific condiment the specific way one cranky old hag wants it.

    Eye. Roll.

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