I think I told you all that last week I called Verizon to tell them my cell service sucks – that calls get dropped and there’s one bar of signal.


The tech support man was very helpful and pleasant and told me he’d sell me this Samsung Network Extender for $80 off the listed $249.

I told him I wanted to check out the reviews of the product and do some homework. He said fine, he’d call me back today to see what I decided.

He faithfully called me this morning, on my cell phone, and guess what – the call dropped. Not once, But twice. Yay.

I said that I wasn’t interested in PAYING for basic service. I explained I would understand paying for the extender if I had some service and wanted MORE but that Verizon had an obligation to provide me with the basics if I was to continue with Verizon.

I was put on hold and when he came back, guess what? He’s sending me the extender free of charge.

I’m curious to see if it actually works. The reviews are mixed. Some say it has zero effect but hey, it was free. No complaints.


3 thoughts on “F-R-E-E!

    1. Speaking of Linda, I watched about three minutes of Anderson Cooper last night. On his panel was a woman whose name I didn’t catch but who was a Senior Writer for the WSJ. She referred to Linda as “some woman who if famous for WWE mayhem”. Holy cow, a more stupid statement is not possible. Linda and her husband created a major force in the media and major employer in CT. Like WWE or not, she’s co-responsible for many many jobs and a viable company. I changed the channel. I wish I could find out who she was and give her a piece of my mind.

      Trump has made some incredible cabinet choices, IMHO. Linda is perfect for Small Biz. It’s not a big job or a high-profile cabinet post. Probably more a thank you to her for being a loyal trump supporter. Even Blumenthal said he would vote for her approval.

  1. My opinion of WWE was changed by two things:

    The let World Wildlife Fund have the WWF logo (Cute Panda) and re-branded. Nice gesture.

    And I surveyed one of their back Stamford training facilities in the industrial area. Their commitment, not only to marketing, but employee support and development, was impressive. Unlike, say Verizon and FIOS.

    The CEO of Frontier said they “stumbled” in the FIOS takeover in CA, TX & FL on call center support.

    In my experience, the hallmark of FIOS from the get-go is that they didn’t understand or know how to manage their own resources. So naturally the call centers in India couldn’t figure it out either. Solution: Easy, bring call centers back to the USA. Only problem, if FIOS didn’t know what they had, how was Frontier going to figure it out. Oops.

    I spent 30 minutes last week trying to get Frontier to move my service. They could figure out how to suspend my account, which they did at the old location, but they had no idea how to move it to a new location. So I am now a Spectrum customer. Easy. Pick up the modem at the neighborhood store for free, plug it in, get online. I had trouble re-configuring my Netgear router. Local call center guy, who know my location personally, had it reset in minutes.

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