Calling Mumbai. Come In Please.

So I buy a new Windows 10 Dell, I’m getting used to it. It’s beginning to all make sense. It’s not as bad as I thought.

THEN, I install my old printer to the new laptop and oy, what a mess. It’s the same printer that has been attached to my old Dell laptop for a couple of years but Windows 10 and this printer seem to not get along well in the sandbox.


First, the system told me the printer drivers need to be updated. It asks me if I have the disk. Ha. Sure. Not.

I let Windows find the updated drivers, a task that takes the computer nearly a half-hour. It updates the drivers. The system tray SEES the printer is there. I’ve set the printer as the default. I click Print Test Page. ERROR.

Several tries of printing anything, ERROR.

So, early this morning I called Dell Tech Support. The first person was nice and after explaining the problem and being put on hold, she tells me I need to speak with the Printer Division of Tech Support, a separate number, not one she can connect me to directly.

Okay, I get to someone pretty quickly but I can’t hear a damn word she is saying. She sounds like she’s under water, far far away. I keep asking her to speak up, to speak closer to the mouthpiece, but nothing helps.

She asks me the same questions as tech support lady one, puts me on hold, then tells me it’s a software problem and would I want to buy a software warranty plan?? Say what?? I have to buy something in order to attach a printer?

I said thanks but no thanks and will figure out the problem myself. I did a Google search and see there are forums where others have had the same problem – that Windows 10 and this Brother printer do not sync. I can’t imagine hy there’s not a simple Plug and Play in this day and age.

Fr now, if I want something printed, I have  to plug the printer cable in the older Dell (which I still have up and running, thankfully). I think I’ll call Brother at some point today and see what they can tell me, or ask Santa for a new Printer for Christmas.

UPDATE: I used Brother’s Live Chat option for support and they told me I had to update the firmware (after diagnosing that the first letter of my existing firmware was old). I had to attach the printer to my OLD Dell, update the firmware, THEN plug the printer into the ne Dell. It still didn’t work until I restarted the computer. Now, voila. Only glitch, the Devices page shows TWO Brother printers, one the original, the other a Copy. It’s only the Copy that prints so that is set as the default. Hey, they can call it late To Dinner and as long as it prints, I’m good to go.

Yay ME!


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    1. Thanks. I’m on Brother’s website as I type and see they haven’t rolled out Win10 drivers and software for all their products. I’m not about to buy a new printer. Frustrating.

  1. Another tip. The Brother Iphone app is awesome for wireless printing if it’s on your network.

    Workaround: txt or email doc to yourself and print from your phone. We keep a Win7 going in the office network for just this problem.

  2. I purchased an HP printer several months ago and had similar problems getting it to dance with my MacBook Pro. While I paid close to list price at the Greenwich Computer Store on Mason St., they sent a knowledgable tech to my home to get everything cleared up at no charge. So, while I painfully paid extra bucks for the printer, being able to avoid the hassle of dealing with HP’s support line was worth it to this tech-averse luddite. Hope you resolve your printer disfunction with a minimum of frustration!

    1. I would do the same Cobra. It’s so great when small biz understands that we could have bought it cheaper elsewhere and adds service with a smile to make up for paying more for the product. Excellent.

    1. I thought about doing that but I’m afraid it’ll screw up a good thing. For now the printer prints on both laptops. In other words, if it ain’t broke…..

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