I’m Making America Bright Again

One Christmas tree at a time…..

The bucket truck guys are here today to remove the strands of lights that got destroyed over the summer and fall (he said the wires were chewed through – thanks, squirrels). I bought ten boxes of new lights with the hopes that some of the old strands could be repaired and ALL ten new ones could be added. It’s great with LED now – no breaker popping. No limits to the number of strands that can be attached in one row. Awesome.



Some free advertising for Dan….


I’ll post a photo tonight once its dark and the tree is in all lighted glory. One day I’ll even figure out how to take a GOOD photo of this lit tree. Not once have I managed to take a photo in focus of anything outdoors at night, even using the outdoor night settings. Could be operator problem?? Yep.

Happy Tuesday.