Asking for Santa

Santa wants to bring some good boy or girl in my family a lens attachment for an iPhone 6.

The OlloClip? It says 4-in-1 so does that mean the $79 price tag gets me all four options – the fish eye, the 2 macro, and the wide angle?? I see that to use these you can’t have an iPhone case. That might present a problem because don’t most people use a case???

There’s also the Moment brand lens – but the lenses are sold individually which probably means each lens is far better quality.


Here the Moment lens is shown on a phone without a case and I don’t see anywhere in their literature if the lens fits with a case. My hunch is not because there are too many brands of cases with too many different thicknesses for any lens to attach uniformly.

The question Santa has: is it better to buy one good lens or the four-in-one that might have less overall quality but better (and more fun) usage?

Santa needs to know soon so if you’ve used either product and can advise him, give me a shout out. I have an in with Santa.

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