Not So Merry 

For years we’ve bought our Christmas tree and wreaths from Bedford Nursery on Greenwich Road. Two of the nicest people ever. Two of the most committed to being involved in all things Bedford. Raising money for Girl Scouts. Fire Department. Library.

I went armed with my checkbook and list but I was not prepared for bad news. Rosa, the co-owner with her husband, saw me and broke into tears. I didn’t know what happened. 

She tells me her son died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. Dropped dead while eating Chinese food. He lived in Katonah and it was Rosa’s husband who found the boy when they hadn’t heard from him. Only 38 years old. 

The grief in her voice and on her face was palpable. I didn’t have any words other than to tell her how sorry I was. 

But I had come for a tree and wreaths, so I decided one way I could help would be to buy the largest tree and more wreaths than I needed. The couple had hoped to hand over the business to their son when they retired. 

I equate all my treks to Bedford Nursery with joy. Whether buying annuals in summer or wreaths in the winter, Rosa and Mike exuded the epitome of what it is to shop local. Friendly. Fair. Kind. 

She said the Town of Bedford has turned out in full force to offer them help and support. Bringing food. Bringing flowers. Volunteering to work at the nursery. That’s what living in a small town is all about. 

I do wish I had known about the son’s death so I could have gone prepared to express my condolences. But I didn’t. Tough for two fine people.

6 thoughts on “Not So Merry 

  1. This is heart wrenching news! You and the townspeople are showing great respect, fondness and care in reaching out so beautifully to the family. He was too young to go so tragically, you have impressive neighbors there in Bedford. We are thinking about all of you tonight.

  2. Hadn’t been there in years but stopped in yesterday to get wreaths. She couldn’t have been more helpful. Wonderful little place. Terrible news to hear.

    1. What a good thing to do. Rosa is a gem, as is her husband. Mike delivered my tree and wreaths yesterday and normally refuses a tip to do so. I told him I wouldn’t take no for an answer. He cuts the tree top and base (as needed) once here to suit your ceiling and tree stand and golly, he’d hang the wreaths too if you asked him. They are the epitome of mom and pop store ownership.

      I asked my kids why they didn’t tell me the son died and to a one they said they’d heard a guy they kinda knew died, but didn’t put it together with the Nursery. It’s what I get for not reading the local paper anymore. It’s the obits I miss that makes a good case for renewing the Bedford Record Review. It’s worthless otherwise.

  3. I feel more thankful for those close to me….forget the things accumulated.
    Give presents? Give me your time and a hug.

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