You Know Customers are Angry When Cablevision has a ‘Press One Now’ If You’ve Noticed Changed in your bill!


Yowsa, my Cablevision bill went up $30 in one month. THIRTY. That’s not inconsequential. I opened the bill and fell off my chair – now $223/month. That’s way way way too much for watching reruns of Law & Order and good old movies on TCM.

The back of the bill describes the reason for the increase – the fee for having cable boxes has about doubled. I’ve already downgraded cable packages from Silver to Loser but I may have to drop down one more package to their Why Bother rate.


This ALL has to do with the purchase of Cablevision (who like to call themselves Optimum now) by some European concern called Altice. The Dolan’s were sucky owners of Cablevision to begin with -and it doesn’t look like Altice is any kinder – I doubt they care two hoots about the legions of old time Cablevision customers.

$223 is not an amount I choose to continue to pay so I thought I’d call but the first message was about the bill increase with a voice message suggesting we read the back of the bill. No opportunity to Press Two Now to speak with a live agent. They KNOW better I guess.

The real problem for me, and I’ve said this a million times before, is NOT the TV aspect of my attachment to Cablevision – it’s that I have six email addresses with them. God, I can’t even imagine the pain of changing each one over – remembering which one is linked to what charges or what notifications. Horror. I’m NOT about to change to Yahoo or Gmail. They are so unsecure Cablevision does a great job weeding out spam. For that I give them an A+. If I keep the email and the internet, but give up TV, then I lose the lower rate for having a package deal. Stupid as it sounds, I even have a Cablevision phone number (that I have never been told what number it is nor do I use it), but it reduces my bill by a pretty decent percentage so I keep it.

I’m sorry I decided to sit and pay bills today. I’m grumpy now. Bah-humbug.

3 thoughts on “You Know Customers are Angry When Cablevision has a ‘Press One Now’ If You’ve Noticed Changed in your bill!

  1. Your blog has almost single-handedly kept the telecom giants in check. But no more.

    Time-Warner bought out Brighthouse in Florida under the Spectrum name. Frontier bought out FIOS.

    We just dumped Frontier for internet with modem for $79/mo and got Trump country service from Spectrum for $39 no wifi / $44 built-in wifi monthly.

    1. There is NO competition in these parts where its the TOWNS who negotiate with providers to permit services along our streets. No Time Warner here. I could get Fios but I see that as only trading expensive to expensive. Cox in RI is equally expensive – that bill over $200 s well.

  2. I don’t believe you have to lose your optimum email addresses if you drop Cablevision. I still have a Verizon address almost a year after I moved from where Verizon FIOS was available. Of course, you should check with Cablevision to verify this.

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