Nope. Not the Mojave Desert. It’s Bedford. The Mianus River. Drought.

SoundBeacher’s camera went for a walk through the Mianus Gorge Preserve, right down the street from me. It closed for the season now but lucky for us, SB got some photos last week.

It’s shocking to see the drought up close.  The Reservoir is down to a trickle.
This is a water supply for over 150,00 people in Westchester and Fairfield counties.  Looking at these pics, our water situation looks dire.
As far as you can see, just the dry bed.  It was built in the 1950’s and you can see the tree stumps that should be underwater.
Looking down the dry lake bed, so startling.
Holy cow. I haven’t walked that trail recently and didn’t know the drought was so severe. I do know my gardener told me over and over this year was the worst drought in decades, and that’s why my plants did so poorly and why the hydrangea never bloomed. Now I can see first hand what she meant.
We noticed the same low levels of water when we drove upstate – the Hudson was very very low. So too another reservoir we drove by.
I feel parched all of a sudden.


4 thoughts on “Nope. Not the Mojave Desert. It’s Bedford. The Mianus River. Drought.

  1. The upper end of this reservoir was never excavated, and the original tree stumps are still there.

    Thanks SB for showing up. Earth Image made a proposal to Aquarion to remove a large amount of this very valuable gravel under the original forest floor, but the trucking and cross-state permitting regulations were too severe.

    Perhaps President Trump will need some for one of his golf clubs.

  2. The Hudson River is tidal all the way to Port of Albany. Like L I Sound, the further inland you go, the higher the tidal range, beginning about 3 ft at Battery Park, 4 ft at Poughkeepsie, and 5 ft at Albany.
    The range varies with the moon cycle.

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