Carpalooza Saturday, by Cos Harbour


As seen by him on the streets of lower Manhattan. 

So you can see it’s a DeLorean. I don’t know if the 88 Miles vanity plate is relevant to the car? You car buffs might know. 

I remember Johnny Carson owned a DeLorean in its (and his) heyday. I’ve never been up close to one. To my eye, the design is a bit “meh” but I’m sure you DeLorean fans will disagree. 

Happy Saturday. The day to get the Christmas tree and don some gay apparel. 


Cos adds some extra info and photo of DeLorean’s gravestone in Troy Michigan.  

In 2000 DeLorean sold his 400+ acre Bedminster, NJ, estate for $15million. Today it is the President elect’s golf club.  

6 thoughts on “Carpalooza Saturday, by Cos Harbour

  1. If you saw the movie “Back to the Future” you’ll recall 88 mph is the speed they have to travel to go back in time. FYI. So the plate is very relevant!

    1. He got so caught up in his own fame – happens to so many – the ego, the greed, the young wife….all down the drain. He was a man ahead of his time tho, in terms of his car design.

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