When there’s no working landline and cell service is at one dot…..one dot!!

Time to try paper cups and string from here to Delaware. Last night I had to go outside in the cold to carry on a conversation with my mother. She kept saying I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up.

My cell service here has always been lousy. Too far away from a tower but I googled How to Boost Cell Signal and was surprised how many options I have.

Anyone used one of these boosters? Are they worthless? Some are antenna based. Some are booster boxes but I’m clueless as to how they actually work. If I’m really far away from a tower, what’s a booster going to do?

Verizon is coming between 8 and 11 to repair landline. The gutter cleaners coming between 11 and 1. In other words, I’m home pretty much all day.

For no reason and totally unrelated to the post, two screen grabs that I loved.

The Real Deal New York Magazine (New York real estate) December cover.

And this tweet. Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha.

Happy Friday. 

PS: yes, I had that Italian bread with my egg this morning. Toasted. Mmmmmmmm. 

4 thoughts on “When there’s no working landline and cell service is at one dot…..one dot!!

  1. I use a Microcell booster with my AT&T service. I even persuaded AT&T to give it to me free. It’s a bit tricky to set up (ethernet to a computer involved), but it works very well. I imagine Verizon has something similar.

    1. The Verizon landline repairman who was just here said I should go to a Verizon Wireless store and say that I can not make or receive calls. He figures they should give me a booster free. It’s on my list to do, soon. One of the kids had an AT&T booster for his house but he moved and now has 5 bars of cell service.

      The reviews I’ve read online of the boosters are mixed. A huge percentage say the boosters are worthless. Maybe what I should do is tell Verizon they can build a cell tower in my back forty and get a huge income from it and REALLY good cell service.

      1. I’ve had my booster for a few months now, and the only trouble I have is that occasionally, but not often, my phone won’t find it. There are quick fixes for that problem, like turning Airplane Mode on and off or restarting the phone. I recommend giving a booster a whirl, especially if you’re going to go into a store where you can talk to someone about what’s involved. And if they agree to give you one free, what do you have to lose?

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