That Contraption? It’s Called The Rotater!!

The Rotater, for shoulder rehab and performance.


Invented by two guys Scott Kay and Chris Melton, their story is a good one. Also, the Rotater is made in the USA!!

Here’s one video of how it works…

Now, as for me, I’m a slow learner and getting the hang of how to hold it, how to wrap the strap around, when to use the elastic….took a pretty decent amount of time. It’s like watching an exercise video and knowing you have to move in opposite direction as seen on the screen. Some of the exercises presume the shoulder has a greater range of motion than mine does but I haven’t watched the the entire enclosed CD for fuller instructions. My PT guy recommended it highly and said it would help when my PT is over. Let’s hope because PT did help, but I still can’t lift my left arm over my head, like to flag a taxi. Ugh. The doctor said he’d revisit my shoulder next year and I dread what he might tell me – operate again. Let’s hope this Rotater can bring back enough rotation to skip that option!

Once I get the hang of the Rotater, I expect to use it every day but daily life has been a bit hectic here, including this morning when YET AGAIN my Verizon Fios landline crapped out. No dial tone and good freaking luck getting Verizon customer service help without doing the Press One now dance. This is the third time my Fios box has died. each time they’ve come to repair it it’s a newer Fios box. Doesn’t seem to last very long. First appointment is tomorrow so between now and then, I have to call from my cell, and guess what, here in the back woods of Bedford, cell signal is about one dot, two at the most.

The pouring rains last night MIGHT have had something to do with the Verizon outage but I’ve checked outside and all seems well. Nothing loose or underwater.

The sun is out. The lawn guys did the final final final leaf blowing of the season so that monthly bill is done until spring but yesterday the guys who do the snowplowing called to make sure I still wanted to be on their list…yep. I opt for a 3″ minimum to plow. Some people have their driveways plowed with an inch or less. I figure I can get in and out easily, although the oil delivery company and people like UPS do appreciate when I have the driveway clean for them. I get that.

Time to get going for the day. So many errands……Happy December 1 and Happy 69th Birthday to my Iowa “sister” Diana!

5 thoughts on “That Contraption? It’s Called The Rotater!!

  1. Good post. And, good luck with the contraption. Beats surgery, though. Learn how to hail cabs with your right arm raised.
    I have Comcast triple play. FIOS is available here but whenever I consider switching I’m reminded of its reliability.
    Beautiful day with a few wispy clouds. Mild for the first day of December.

  2. Are you finding it works even if you haven’t figured out how to use it fully? I like that it is so simple a design, logical.

    1. Yes yes yes yes yes. I should use it every day but…… I had a hard time at first getting the hang of how it’s used. But once I figured it all out, it’s very helpful. It’ll take me a long time to get back full range of motion but this is a good start. Thanks.

      1. Super .. so glad to hear your shoulder is responding to the ROTATER. We’re always thrilled to hear the ROTATER is helping our clients regain their shoulder range of motion and function. Please let me know if you need anything.

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