A very Weighty Subject

Oops, I kinda fell off the blog radar there a couple of days, busy. Lots of phone calls and appointments.


Call to the mobile dog groomer for an appointment. Call to the bucket truck peeps to repair the Christmas lights. A call to the gutter cleaners to reschedule since the date they planned to come was too windy. Each instance means leaving a message and waiting for a call back. Fortunately, with the three calls above, I am a long-standing customer so I DO get a call back. Yay.

I had to call a company to follow up on a credit I was due but never posted. That took far longer than it should but thankfully, when I sent the items back, I PRINTED out a copy of the return form and how much was due.

Now, as for the blog post headline. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment, with an endocrinologist. After so many years of struggling to lose weight, no matter which plan I tried, no matter how often I exercised, no matter what I ate or didn’t eat, no matter what at all, I never shed one single pound. The emotional toll was getting to me and I had to see if my inability to lose weight had some medical hormonal component.

It was mostly consultation appointment, not a full exam. I was interested to see what an endocrinologist did, what they could or couldn’t determine about my inability to lose weight. The conversation turned to the thyroid and he asked me a series of questions about my health, vis-a-vis under-active thyroid symptoms. Not a one do I exhibit. he felt around my neck and said he too felt I didn’t show any signs of an under active thyroid, that can slow the metabolism enough to make it near impossible for some people to lose weight.

At the end of the appointment, he convinced me to at least have blood taken to do an thyroid test but here’s what kept me leery…

Thyroid medication is something he said people take for life.

Why would I ever want to take a pill if my body works well? Even if the test does come back that I have some thyroid issue, I’d be very hard-pressed to start a daily regimen of a pill that many websites say causes more side effects than helps the metabolism by making the thyroid work better.

It has to count for something, maybe a lot, that I know how my body works. I’m never sick. I’m not tired. I’m not (overly) cranky. Okay, well, some days but hey, who isn’t?

This doctor is among the best in his field and I was in his office for almost an hour, chatting. At one point he said that there ARE people for whom weight loss doesn’t happen and if I didn’t want to take any medications, I could accept my body for what it is, since it causes me no limitations, other than my own vanity of being overweight.

I’ll wait and see about the test results. Meanwhile, I have pretty much convinced myself that I won’t take the pills. My family is in agreement too. I asked the doctor specifically that if I do take the pills and it improves my metabolism, will I lose weight? He said I might. And I might not. He said little is known about metabolism and weight. If I were to start a career over, I’d be a weight research doctor. It’s such a field filled with anxious men and women who struggle to lose pounds but who can’t. Gosh, I can’t begin to tell you how much $$$ I’ve spent – on nutritionists, on exercise equipment, on personal trainers, on primary care physicians who specialize in weight, doctor’s prescribed diets, Weight Watchers, home delivered meals, starvation, the right carbs, no carbs…you name it, I’ve tried it. All 100% unsuccessfully.

I have a long list of chores to get done today out and about, on my list yesterday but the pouring rains brought me inside instead.

I’d love your thoughts on the thyroid, the pills, on weight loss in general.

Happy Hump Day.


21 thoughts on “A very Weighty Subject

  1. I’m for letting your body take the lead in what you do. If you feel well, if you can have an active life in the weight you are, skip the pills. My late father-in-law took thyroid medication and the doctors never got the dosage right. He suffered the shakes, heart palpitations and depression. I read that thyroid medication is one of the most over prescribed out there. Be careful.

    1. Jane: Are you all recovered from whatever ailed you after your last trip to California? Liberal-itis? 🙂 I worry when you are quiet.

      Yes, I am of the mind that my body is the best indication of my health.

  2. So there’s more of you today than there was when you were 22. Get over it. I can say this because I have made peace with the same issue and feel the same way about medications that may or may not help, especially ones that never end.
    And, I have to say this is a not a good time of the year to worry about your school girl figure or lack thereof. That’s what January is for….

    1. I agree and there’s certainly a LOT of sugar in foods you don’t even expect to have any sugar. I don’t think of myself as having ANY foods in my regular routine that are heavily sugared. I don’t use sugar in my coffee or tea or on cereal. I don’t drink sodas but as you said, it’s the hidden sugars.

  3. EOS – my thyroid stopped working during menopause. It was found by blood tests. Once on synthroid felt much better and alot less tired, but weight loss – no! I have found that I have to have blood tests every six months as the dosage does have to be changed from time to time. I can usually tell if its out. Its also worth checking your sugar levels, mine were way high, but through diet are now normal. However weight loss is a whole different issue. The only way for me to lose is to eat less than 1000 calories a day, no booze or carbs and guess what – I am not very good at that.

    1. I’ve heard other women say there’s a relationship between the thyroid not working and menopause. It’s also what you read often online about when women start taking medication.
      I’m rarely tired and get by just fine on 6 hours of sleep.
      At my last physical my blood levels were all A+. No diabetes. No high blood pressure. No high cholesterol. All the more reason in my mind not the start taking a medication.
      1000 calories is about what most experts say is the minimum a woman should have a day. Any less is depravation and bad for the body and organs. The diets that are 500 calories a day and no carbs. Phooey. Phooey. Phooey on all of them.
      Can you go off synthroid ever?

  4. I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m in the same boat you are. Everything works much better than average for my age so my plan is to continue what I’m doing & let nature take it’s course without the scary drugs. I can live with the 5-10 extra fluctuating lbs.

  5. I am 50 and gained twenty pounds in the last two years from menopause. Nothing else changed…not my diet or my exercise .last month my hands starting hurting pretty badly…doctor thinks maybe rheumatoid arthritis…my son told me about a movie called “fat sick and nearly dead” in documentary joe cross from australia comes to ny and goes on a vegetable juicing diet for 60 days. He cured himself of the autoimmune disease he had and he lost 80 pounds and feels great. He inspired me as did the terrible pain in my hands and i have been only vegetable juicing (no food) since october 23….i know it seems radical but it is the best thing i ever did for myself…at first it was extremely hard but now it isn’t…i am never hungry …i feel much much better and the pain is so much better …and I lost 15 pounds ..i am 125 now..before this i couldn’t lose one pound! It was so frustrating ..i would be trying so hard and would lose one pound and then gain it right back and i always felt hungry. ( i am the reader who tried on so many dresses for my son’s wedding and nothing looked good on) i put that dress on the other day and it is loose…lol…so maybe check out the movie and see if it works for you. I had a blood test this week and everything is good. My husband is also doing the juicing with me and he lost 25 pounds so far(he has more to go)…he could NEVER LOSE weight and now he is ! and he says he never feels hungry …i am so happy for him. I know it is easier for men to lose but the scale wasnt budging for me until vegetable juicing. Sorry for the long post but i hope this could help someone either feel better or lose weight.

    1. First, never apologize for a long post. Second, I remember quite well your comment about trying on wedding dresses. And third, kudos for the weight loss and feeling so good. Impressive.
      I tried juicing for one week and thought it was six days too long. The juice mixtures were delicious and tasty but I never felt satisfied. I needed something to chew. Plus I thought I was turning into a beet.

      Always appreciate the time you take to add great informative comments. Thanks.

  6. Hi EOS. I’m new! Love hanging out here. I have been taking thyroid pills for years and haven’t seen much connection with losing weight. Toughest part is you can’t eat breakfast for ONE hour after taking the pill. I cheat if just HAVE to have that piece of crunchy toast with coffee!

    1. Welcome. How fun to have TWO readers named Jane! At one point I claimed three Betty’s! I just need a Susan and we’ll be back to 1955.

      Thanks for your comment about taking thyroid pills. Now, as for not eating breakfast for one hour, how does that work if you are dashing out the door, to take the kids to school or hop a train to work?
      Have a great day.

      1. No kids at home now, only hubby. Drink half cup coffee with thyroid pill, read Daily Word, contemplate and voila, time for Seedalicious Bread toasted, and rest of coffe. Not bad way to start the day.
        1955……graduated High School! Great year.
        Happy Day!

  7. Back to Nov 28….what is that contraption?
    Hang it over your shoulder, squeeze the handles for exercise?

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