What Happens when the facts get in the way of the liberal media anti-gun agenda?

If you’ve had one ear to the news today, you know that there was an incident at Ohio State University this morning, first called an active shooter. No problem at the outset as that is probably the easiest vernacular to describe any incident where the students need to hide and be safe.

Turns out it was a Somali refugee, using a car and a machete to attack students. Sickening and violent but guess what, the OSU officer was there in less than one minute and with HIS GUN, killed the perp dead. Excellent. Most excellent.


But wait, there’s more. Within minutes of the active situation, liberals jumped into action, calling for gun control. Tim Kaine, the genius he is, was first up.

Then Shannon Watts, head of Moms Demand….


Can’t forget the genius of Vox Media – they are the scum of the left rag outlets, unable to write anything truthful. It must live up to its core agenda, even if the facts aren’t there.

I REPEAT. The good guy with the GUN was singularly responsible for saving the day. Saving lives. The man with the gun. Go figure.

CNN reported the facts as they saw fit, not choosing to mention the perp was a Somali refugee. CBS went there, but not right away, but that’s okay – they waited for the facts. Good.

Then little buy little, come to find out there’s this….oops, the media was not happy to report this. They were SURE the killer was going to be some white dude. Right?



The only good news is that the suspect is dead. Those wounded by Mohammad Berry should be okay, scarred emotionally fora long time, probably, but hopefully everyone attacked will live.

Long story short, the news channels were on orgasm mode that this was an active SHOOTER, lined up telling us how bad guns are, how we can’t let this happen again. Mercy, these idiots just don’t ever get it.

We need to be very thankful today that the OSU officer was armed. And took action quickly and without hesitation. But don’t expect to hear that on any news channel today. I keep it real folks.

One guy who always keeps it real, at least on Twitter, is the David Burge. I honestly don’t know if he has a day job but he keeps me laughing out loud with his tweets.

The second half, more insanity at Vox.


5 thoughts on “What Happens when the facts get in the way of the liberal media anti-gun agenda?

        1. Did you see that MSNBC has given Williams a show of his own. Granted it’s at 11pm but it says to me NBC values his lying. Pretty awful if you ask me. It’ll only be a matter of time before he’s back at the 6:30 desk.

  1. What sticks in my craw:
    The preeecise pronunciation the news people use for the multi vowel Muslim terrorist names.
    I wish they would stop giving them their moment of fame and instead use a universal term like:
    Another Musi A Lumi (Who forever shall remain anonymous) blah blah blah

    Take the fame away from the nut jobs and they may lose their motivation.

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