Never before Seen Photo of us in jamaica

This is a first peeps – us, on a horseback ride at Half Moon Resort in Jamaica. They liked our look so much they used the photo on their website. Full disclosure: we rented a child for the day to make the photo op look more complete. Mr. EOS worked hard on his tan and back muscles. And wow, look at me. Showstopping body!

Hey, what am I saying there?

Cyber Monday Sale at Half Moon? Today only? I’m there. I’m on it.

Done. We frugal types cheapskates WAIT for this day, this deal. It’s huge actually and allows us to afford a gorgeous waterfront suite that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. They gave us a repeat customer discount besides and this level of suite also includes a ride from the airport to the hotel. Can’t wait!

I have to renew my passport ASAP – even though it doesn’t expire until December 2017, they say to renew ahead of time before any crush. Mr. EOS did last year and got his new passport in just a couple of weeks. The thought of a new passport photo, without that tan I have in the photo of me above, well, it’s not as appealing. New rule: you can’t wear glasses anymore in passport photos, even though glasses are as much a part of me as my radiant smile.

There’a also the matter of airfares to book. We’ve flown both JetBlue and Delta to Montego Bay, getting a deal there too, round trip in the $400 range. Looking today, the round trip fare on JB was over $1000 for the days we are traveling. Ouch. We’ll let that search slide and keep monitoring the fares, then trounce when they get better. Hopefully.

Who else is Cyber Monday shopping?


4 thoughts on “Never before Seen Photo of us in jamaica

    1. I seem to be the only person alive who didn’t see Aretha sing the Anthem live or who hasn’t seen the full rendition on YT video or elsewhere since. I did hear she is the only person who could get away with four whole minutes. Did you hear it live?

      BTW, very very funny Tweet.

  1. Generally speaking, you should not have a problem using a passport when the return date to the US is at least 6 months prior to passport expiration, as that is typically the longest length tourist visa allowed. Though given that a passport is good for 10 years, it is hard to quibble about a couple of months.

    I just renewed my passport (Jan 2017 expiration). They tell you now in the passport photo place not to smile. Mailed my paperwork USPS to Philadelphia with expedited service, even though I have no foreign trip plans as I don’t like being without a passport. Never know if Hillary might win a recount or something. Had it back in a couple of weeks.

    I was looking at flights to Florida last week of December. High prices and high mileage redemption options. I as well will monitor the situation.

    In terms of the photo above, gotta love how they sell the fantasy.

    1. Agree with everything you said but that’s not news. I always seem to agree with you.
      AMEX has a 5x points for flights booked. Some restrictions apply as usual but it’s worth seeing if flights to Jamaica are in the deal.

      The real fantasy of the photo is that I think it’s me!!!

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