That Time You Bought a New Laptop….


My old Dell was ready to be taken to the woodshed for a quick gun shot to the hard drive to put it out of its misery so I bit the bullet and bought a new Dell, during their early Black Friday sale last week. $100 off so a 17″ with pretty much all I need (except any Office software) was $549. To think some of my first computers were in the thousands of dollars. This was a good deal, other than it comes with the insufferable Windows 10. Gag. With Windows 10 comes the even worse search bar Cortana that will ONLY open Bing to do the search. Chrome extensions had a program that would work around that, Chrometana, but in going to install it, I read that Microsoft revoked its license. Um, okay.

Of course, the worst part of anything new is getting used to the new everything – or, as in my case, changing everything new to suit my old sensibilities. Color scheme. Home page photo. Making Chrome the default search. Adding some Chrome extensions. Deep-sixing McAfee and installing my Norton software instead.

I’ve been doing very little to the laptop until last night when I had some free time. I uninstalled McAfee (much to the consternation of Dell, who kept asking me Are You Sure??

Yep, my trusty Norton has served me well. Once McAfee was uninstalled, the computer wanted to restart and whoa, it went into a total reconfiguration and update that took well over an hour and several restarts.

The updates started at 8:08p. Here we are at 8:28p….



Even after it reached 100%, the screen and computer went into another fifteen minutes or more of this crap….

Once the computer finally restarted, many of the settings I took the time to reconfigure were gone. It’s as if the computer thought I was turning it on for the first time.

I still have a long way to go to make the new computer the default, the one and only. There’s the matter of 26,000+ photos on the old Dell and all the documents I might want too. I did easily export all my Chrome favorite folders and that’s huge but the bigger task, and one not so easy, is to configure all my email aliases into Thunderbird. As you know, because I try and stay one step ahead of the law, I have about SIX email addresses – two for the blog, one for ordering things online that doesn’t use my name, one gmail address for no other reason than to have it (I never use it), one for personal correspondence with my name in it, and one more for good luck.

Change is a good thing – I’m all for changing and evolving and learning – except for Windows! Ten is a high bar of learning curve – too fancy and dazzley. Just give me a way to search. A way to find programs (which, by the way, Windows Ten calls apps!). A way to personalize the home page so it doesn’t look so darn busy.

Football today – Giants at 1:00. Otherwise, a quiet day to figure out this new-fangled thing.

Happy Sunday one and all.


8 thoughts on “That Time You Bought a New Laptop….

  1. You need an 8 year old guide. Pay her well and voila all your chicks in a row.
    Oh wait, converting from the old dell will require historical tech knowledge, you will need a 10-12-14 Year old depending on the age of the Dell.

    1. I think like an 8-year old. Does that help??
      I’m an old self-taught techie, going back to DOS days so I am pretty sure I can handle the transition – it’ll just take some time. For now, I use both computers and one day I expect to get the new one to the point of making it the default. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not next week!

  2. I have Windows 10. They kept asking me if I wanted it for free, limited time offer, but I kept declining. Then one day they just uploaded it onto my computer without my permission.

    I really hate the way they do updates. Back when I had Windows XP the updates would happen when you shut off your computer but now they just tell you they’re going to do it within the next so many minutes and if you happen to be away from your computer while it’s still running and haven’t saved something you’re shit out of luck.

    I don’t use Edge, and use Windows Explorer as my default browser but also have Chrome and Firefox downloaded onto my computer and sometimes use them. Just Google how to install, Chrome, Firefox, it’s pretty easy to do.

    I love my Norton security. With its disk optimization, file cleanup, and scan; so far, it’s solved every problem I’ve had. I think you can use it on up to five devices.

    Other than the updates, I haven’t really had any problems with Windows 10.

    1. I’m new to Edge but what I’ve seen so far I don’t like. I haven’t used Explorer for so many years that I’m not sure I can go back. For all its faults, i use Chrome.
      I think once I wrap my head around 10, I’ll be okay. It’s only a matter of time.
      I’ve set my computer for no auto updates. It must ask me first.
      Happy belated Thanksgiving AJ!

      1. Yeah, mine asks first, too. But if you keep putting it off as I do, eventually it will go ahead and just do it whether you like it or not.

        1. That’s a problem my sister had – it went ahead and updates. On my old Dell, I have daily reminders of updates that I know I’ll never use so I keep saying Thanks but No. As of yet, it hasn’t done a stealth update. but as you said, it could be just waiting for a day I’m not looking and bam – another good reason for a new laptop.

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