Licking the Plate Allowed 

Mine was an open face sandwich pile of goodness. With a dollop or two of gravy and a chaser of Pepcid Complete. 

Few Thanksgiving leftovers actually left over now with much of it handed off to kids as parting gifts! That’s a good thing because the potato overload is hard to handle. 

All veggies tomorrow and Monday before my annual physical Tuesday morning. Well, maybe one slice of pie. One. 

Alternatively today, reading, napping, paying bills, and watching an old movie. Good day. 

2 thoughts on “Licking the Plate Allowed 

  1. What happened to going rogue? I thought it was all Lidia, all Italian, for Turkey Day this year? I too have the annual physical this week. I got the blood work down last week, before all the drinking and eating, so my numbers will look good when I meet with my doctor!

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