Dueling Headlines: Castro Death and oh this…..

Look what I spied with my little eye on Twitter. This is huge. Huge. Huge. Perfect timing too, since no one will notice, other than moi.

Sooooooooo, the Clinton campaign counsel is going to participate in the Wisconsin recount which was never a Jill Stein recount in the first place. It was a Jill Stein sell-out to George Soros who wanted to dethrone Trump.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, when Hillary had her panties in a bunch that Trump didn’t agree right away to accepting results if SHE won, that was heresy. Now, under the guise of “others” doing the recount, slimy Clinton and her counsel will participate.

This is beyond bad folks.

Worse than Obama’s lame statement on the death of Castro.

Limp handed praise, saying history will determine the legacy of Castro.


Marco Rubio, not as kind. Duh.

Then, finally, a voice of truth, Trump.


The most oblivious tweet re Castro’s death came from The Rev. Jesse Jackson.. I mean, I’m speechless that this man’s inability to understand what a dictator is.

But back to the story I started with, Clinton’s counsel agreeing to participate, what does that mean? What will be unearthed in the recount? Will Soros fund recounts in every state Clinton lost? Probably, the man has enough money to fund it. What will Jill Stein get out of this? A summer house on a lake like Bernie did?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know. As for Castro, good riddance.

4 thoughts on “Dueling Headlines: Castro Death and oh this…..

  1. Buenos Dias from Miami. The streets are full of happy Cuban Americans at the death of Castro. They were the lucky ones who fled or escaped the tyranny of Fidel. The oppression isn’t going to end until Raul dies and even then, there are children who might take up the mantle of the dictatorship. Freedom and democracy in Cuba isn’t going to happen today, or tomorrow. But Fidel’s death is a good start.

    Re Hillary: back in October she said: Trump refusal to say that he’d accept the results of the elction. That’s a direct threat to our democracy.

    What does her team say now?

    Happy belated Thanksgiving. We still have a houseful so my internet time is limited.

    1. I was hoping you’d chime in from Miami to let us know how the Cubans are really feeling. Thanks.

      Most readers still have family for the weekend. No hurry to pop back in. We understand.

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