The Friday To-Do List

1. Make the list. 🙂

Thanksgiving is over. Detroit Lions won in a squeaker. I had too many mashed potatoes. The downpour prevented a post-dinner stroll but otherwise thankful for my family and friends, including my blogging family. Thanks for your nice comments yesterday.

First chore on my list today is to call The Palace Hotel…AGAIN. Tuesday mom went up to her room and her e-key didn’t work. She had to go down to the front desk and they said to her “oh, we thought you checked out”. What???? Her reservation clearly says she’s there until Sunday. How does this even happen, will be my question to the Reservations Manager with whom I’ve become well acquainted.

The outdoor tree that is strung with Christmas lights needs an overhaul – seems to be an annual event. Birds make nests and squirrels chew the connections – trying the lights out last week I could see several strands out. This means a visit from the bucket truck so I ordered a pile more lights to be prepared.

The Christmas decorations were brought down from the attic last week, stacked in the corner for me to decide when to buy the tree. Too early now? I might get it December 1 and even decorate it that early. I never tire of Christmas.

The only complication in today’s chore list is this…

I did something to my right shoulder such that it’s really painful to move. I didn’t fall. I didn’t bump it that I know of. I didn’t fall out of bed. I didn’t lift something overly heavy. It just really really hurts. I have heat on it (those beads heat in the microwave) but I wonder if I should be icing it instead.

Coffee is the solution until the arm feels better.

Anyone out shopping this morning for a 4G TV?

2 thoughts on “The Friday To-Do List

  1. No shopping for me. Santa Claus is arriving by lobster boat this afternoon. He’ll be transported the center of town by wagon pulled by Clydesdales. Nothing else happening around here today. It’s a dreary day but a good one for sorting mail, junk and otherwise. It’s a chore I keep putting off- and probably will find an excuse to avoid it today, too.

    Sorry to hear your shoulder is achy. Even sorrier to hear you poorly the Palace has treated your Mom.
    I think they should comp her entire stay and move her to the best suite in the house. Tell them I said so.

    1. Santa arriving by lobster boat. How perfect for a New England coastal town. Love it.
      I called the manager at The Palace. She shows no record of mom being checked out so I’m trying to balance what the hotel is saying versus what mom is saying. My sister said mom was having trouble with the e-key – they are the kind you hold up against the lock but if you don’t hold it right, it won’t work. Plus, come to find out that mom had two keys, one for her room and one for a room next door that they tried from Day One. Perhaps mom used that key to get into her own room. In this instance, I think the hotel is right and mom was frustrated, ,maybe tired after a long day.

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