Hello, This is Fraud Alert Calling

Chores on my list today include renewing my domain name at GoDaddy and renewing the Business Plan I have with WordPress.

The GoDaddy charge went through but the WordPress one, for $299, said DECLINED!


I tried a second time and again, declined. Within thirty seconds of that attempted credit card action, Citibank Early Fraud Detection called me, asking me to verify the most recent charge.

What I should have figured out is on Black Friday when credit cards are being used every second, a transaction to an internet provider might look suspicious. I guess Citibank agreed.

I approved the transaction. Citibank said thanks, all is good. I can resume my chore list.

I’m always happy for early fraud detection but it did put a slight crimp in the speed of tackling my chore list.

I was actually surprised it didn’t happen last weekend when up near Cairo NY, I let my son use my Visa card to fill his truck at a hole in the wall station. As a matter of fact, I even said to him, it’ll probably be refused. It was not. Maybe Visa doesn’t have as sophisticated software to detect fraud but usually gas stations are high fraud use destinations and Visa knows I have never bought gasoline in upstate. Maybe Visa and MC use an amount that triggers the fraud alert rather than the end user. In the case of WordPress today, I think it was both.

Is it time for the first hot turkey sandwich yet???

6 thoughts on “Hello, This is Fraud Alert Calling

  1. Hard roll with poppy seeds, turkey, hint of stuffing, slide of cranberry, mayo and..and..
    Nasal passages cleared and wide awake.

    1. Horseradish is one of my favorite condiments. I make my own shrimp sauce and it’s about 70% horseradish to 30% other stuff. On roast beef, horseradish is king. But I have not tried it with turkey. Thanks for the idea!
      Do you grate your own horseradish?

      1. Yes Yes Yes
        The cuisinart is a blessing (hand grating was torture)
        Recipe: 1 root(peeled), 2 white vinegar, 3 narrow mouth mustard jar, the end

  2. When a card is swiped, indicating that it is present, the fraud potential isn’t as high as when it is not present and entered online. Particularly when it isn’t a high dollar item. Having said that, I did see a card declined once in the fish store, probably because he was the same person ahead of me next door at the butcher shop where he also used the card. Multiple charges within a couple minutes at different stores must have triggered the fraud system. He got a quick text from Citibank, confirmed the charge, then the card was approved on the next swipe at the fish store. We were all very impressed.

    Lunch for me was an open faced turkey sandwich with gravy, warmed up in the microwave. I still have a serious carb overdose from yesterday.

    1. Good point about swiping and entering online and on Black Friday, entering online was already a red flag. Credit card companies should know a users regular places – I go from place to place in Bedford Hills without any glitch – one after another. Grocery. Gasoline. Etc. That’s why I was surprised the Visa was not declined in upstate NY. It should have been.

      The world is on carb overload. But smiling. Even Dawg had turkey in her bowl tonight.

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