Look who got REAL snow!!

We Bedford wimps were whining about a dusting. CosHarbour, up in his Columbia County digs…..yikes. That’s snow man, snow. Ten inches??


5 thoughts on “Look who got REAL snow!!

    1. Oh Cripes. I believe I just took your name in vain. For those of my readers who don’t know, Cripes just left her longtime New Jersey abode for the sunny south. I have a feeling this is the first of many times you can use that quote Cripes. Kudos on the move. I trust the moving van made it without problem and that you are beginning to settle in for a many a warm winter’s night.

  1. No snow here although it’s mentioned in tonight’s forecast. I fondly remember a big family turkey day up country when a major snowstorm threw a wrench into my plans. Only one guest could make the trek. We had a blast, though. Played paddle tennis at a local court. Watched more snow fall. Best of all, we decided which foods we really liked and those were the only ones I served.
    What’s on your menu for Thursday, EOS?
    Oh, Happy Birthday to EOS’ Mom. Hope there isn’t a spoil sport who won’t sing. Looking at you, Mr. E…

  2. Yep. 10 inches.
    Luckily, antipating 1-3 inches yesterday afternoon I stored the porch umbrellas and put a snow shovel by the door.
    Really magnificent snowfall.

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