If you thought our Queen Mary trip was photo-worthy, just you wait…..


We’re heading up to Scholarie County New York today to walk property our oldest bought – a piece of the American pie, on which he’s going to build a weekend cabin.

It’s a hoof, two hours there in the middle of God’s green acreage, south of Breakabeen and west of Preston Potter Hollow. Got that?

The land is at the top of a hill and will have a view once he can clear cut some scrub trees. There’s much to be done before the cabin can be built – a driveway, electricity – you know, the basics, but he’s excited to get started.

As the crow flies, he’s not all that far from Windham so he can go up in the winters and ski (if you really want to ski at Windham with all the people down from Massachusetts!). But hey, it’s his land, not mine!

Stay tuned for pix at the end of the day…

2 thoughts on “If you thought our Queen Mary trip was photo-worthy, just you wait…..

    1. Every other house we drove by, and land too for that matter, seemed to have a For Sale sign on it. The little towns are pretty depressed economically. Time to Make America Great Again!

      Thanks for the link to the Breakabeen store. Those local stores seem to be vital to the townspeople. Not just in being able to access bread, milk, cigarettes, but a way for gathering too. That one in Breakabeen is particularly beautiful. Most large old buildings we saw like that were vacant and boarded up. One town we went through, a gorgeous old bookstore – windows broken, empty. Sad.

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