The Stockings Are Hung by the Chimney With care

…or something like that!
Gorgeous bright sunny day making it perfect to leave the drying process to Mom Nature and not LG and the electric bill.

Dawg handed me the clothespins! She’s such a good helper.

Too nice a day to be inside but I was inside long enough to hear Trump filled three major cabinet positions. Jeff Sessions as AG. Lt. Micheal Flynn as National Security Adviser and CIA head to Mike Pompeo. I see the left is already calling the choices racist, all white, no diversity, southern backwards…everything in the book.

The loudest screamer is Ana Navarro, a Jeb Bush loyalist and chairman of the We Hate Trump campaign. Rather than seeing if his qualifications are any good, she yells this crap. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Go outside today and enjoy. We are!

5 thoughts on “The Stockings Are Hung by the Chimney With care

  1. The weather is truly lovely! We have been having our roof cleaned and oiled, which has morphed into a two week affair. There are still guys with safety lines crawling all over the place. They’re fixing woodpecker holes too. Grrr. Did you ever come up with anything to keep them away? They are suggesting decoy owls, but if you don’t move them constantly, I don’t think they work. I’ve also seen people having long, glittery ribbons 🎀 from their soffets. Blech. Or should we just say it’s tinsel?

    Anyhow, it’s kept us mainly indoors when we are home, but feels good to get it clean/maintained.

    How do you feel about the possibility of Mitt Romney as SOS.? I still have a soft spot for him, although I understand his establishment bias has become somewhat of an issue, and people think he is elitist. What exactly makes him elitist? Was it the 47% comment? (I happen to think that was a valid comment, just not politically correct, and unfortunate that it was publicized. I’ve certainly made comments like that, worse, probably)

  2. We have little house sparrows that make nests in an awning over the patio. Over the years I’ve tired a lot of things, netting, which you have to take out to open the awning. Mothballs in pantyhose, but Audubon told me birds have no sense of smell. I did a glittery strand, it has kept them away. Not 100% but much less nest building, pooping etc. Why don’t they figure out a nest there is not going to last. They’ve never been long enough to even lay an egg! Aside from the rippling noise when you are outside and inside it glints in the sunlight and can be startling. I think it does work, pretty well. A cheap fix.
    EOS, are you going to now iron all those shirts?

    1. Yes. They all belong to a son who was cleaning out closets and asked for some mom help to wash them. I took them off the line when they were just slightly damp and folded and stacked them. That makes them pretty close to being ironed, enough for being under a sweater. I suspect son will iron one as needed.

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