Time for A Close Clean Shave

Ugh, my least favorite part of owning wool clothing is when it pills and I’ve noticed it’s not ALL wool so maybe the pilling only happens in lesser quality wool? Asking, I don’t know.

Nonetheless, my new jackets from Poetry are stellar, I wear them as a sweater inside and a jacket outside but the underarms and the sleeves are full of pills.




Never fear, thanks to my tried and true wool/fabric shaver, probably bought in the old Lillian Vernon catalog heydays (and you’d have to be under 30 not to know her and her iconic catalog where address labels were her bread and butter, before the days of home printers!)



The shaver did its thing, cut off all the pills so the coat is good to go for the day which is about to start any minute with the arrival of my architect and builder to address some issues that are still lingering post-renovation.

Happy Hump Day!


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