Like a Big Pizza Pie!

When the moon hits the sky… by reader Libertarian Advocate, sent to me on the 14th but the email landed in my junk folder. Hardly junk. Look look look at that super moon. Wow. Thanks Lib!

His attached caption:
Luna, surreptitiously photographed cavorting naked behind her thin cloud veil. What a Vixen!!!!

5 thoughts on “Like a Big Pizza Pie!

  1. Beautiful. I’d like to ask LibAdvocate and Sound Beacher to share with us the camera and lens settings they use to get such expert photos.

    1. Thanks Peter, Lib Adv. photo is really a spectacular one. I just use a Sony Cyber-shot, a point and shoot small camera. It’s limited in the focus I can get. I did use a tripod. Since it was dark and cold, I just kept changing the settings, so not sure what/which I was on when I got the exact photo I sent to EOS. It was a trial and error attempt. I really should upgrade my camera. This one is small, fits in a pocket and that’s what make it so useful. Glad you liked my pics!

    2. Peter: Very sorry for the late reply.

      Camera: Nikon D800. Lens: SIGMA 150-500 MM telephoto at 500MM, ISO 2500, f/22, 1/400 second Manual exposure.

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