Super Moon Pix by Super SoundBeacher

NOTE: Photos and descriptions by reader SoundBeacher. 

It was low tide and we did our research and looked up that the moon would be 288 degrees west and found a little neighborhood beach with that view.

The Man in the Moon shot

Once the Beach opened, the gates don’t open until 6am, we moved over to Tod’s Pt, so a better angle/view of the western Moon Set and now behind us we had a good view of the brightening sky of the Eastern Sun Rise.  Did I mention is was COLD?!

Moon Set in the West

Final Look at the Super Moon or Super Beaver Moon


Sunrise happening just over our shoulder


WOW. Thanks SB. You are a trooper for getting out there!! And doing it so well.

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  1. BRAVO Sound Beacher!!!! #3 is TRULY STELLAR!!!! OK… not precisely the right word that, but I’m sure you catch my intent.

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