Nothing says Happy 98th Like Korean BBQ and Karaoke??

As you might imagine, coming up with something unique every year to celebrate my mother’s birthday isn’t easy – lots of things to consider but mostly who works and can’t leave for long periods of time eliminates something like taking a cruise or flying off to a remote island.

So we are staying local, local as in NYC, Brooklyn actually, and heading to INSA, for dinner first, Korean BBQ, then two hours of karaoke! Yes, I said karaoke!

Did she just say “one more time”? 

INSA has private karaoke rooms which should make for less emotional trauma for those not sure they can get up there and sing – they’ll only get laughed at by other family members (the Trump side versus the Clinton side!).


Mom thinks this is a fabulous idea so if she’s happy, that’s all that matters. Mom loves to sing and knows tons of great 40s songs, so she’ll get the trophy without even trying. 99% of the rest of us are hams who love being on stage and who will gladly sing, off key but joyfully. However, there is ONE member of my family, who shall not be named, but whose name starts with a Mr. and ends with an EOS, says he just won’t sing. We gave him a resounding round of boos and hiss, but he’s dug his heels in. Even bribing him with liquor hasn’t changed his mind. It is funny how some people get shy. Look, I may love to sing but I can’t carry a tune worth beans but I’ll get up there and sing my lungs out because that’s what you do when it’s a karaoke party. It’s not about any one of us, it’s about mom. Only time will tell if Mr. EOS will change his mind and be guilted into participating. I keep saying it’s two hours of your life that no one will remember if you sing but will remember if you are the one who doesn’t get up there. I’m going with the Nike logo and telling him to Just Do it. Just Do it. Just Do it.

The Korean BBQ at INSA has gotten rave reviews, at large tables like at a Benihana. Add Korean and other Asian beers, I imagine the singing will be better than average!


Can’t wait.

Happy Monday one and all.

7 thoughts on “Nothing says Happy 98th Like Korean BBQ and Karaoke??

  1. That sounds like a great party…happy for you guys and your mom. I am shy too…it would be extremely hard for me to get up and sing…but after thinking about what you said, i think I would finally sing. I hope Mr. Eos does. No regrets.

    1. I think everyone would agree that karaoke is tough, outgoing or shy. It’s embarrassing to sing off key and fumble but I go with the life motto, hey, why not. We’ve decided not to bug Mr. EOS. If he doesn’t sing, it’ll be HIS cross to bear.

      Glad to find another reader is happy with the Trump win. YAY!

  2. How about a Leonard Cohen song for Mr. EOS? He could just sort of speak the words in a low voice. Timely, too.

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