Gee, They Went All Out

Remember the box of scone mix that had the pantry moths in it? And remember that the company customer service rep said they’d send me a replacement?

Well, they took me at my word. And sent me one more for good luck. Woo-hoo!


Not to sound ungrateful but heavens, were I that company and a customer called and very nicely said hey I got bugs and I won’t sue you, wouldn’t YOU as the company send me a very large box of their products?

Years ago I got a batch of Goldfish that were all burned. I called Pepperidge Farm, used the same tone, may I have a coupon for a replacement and within one week I got a giant box full of a wide assortment of PF products.

I really don’t want TWO boxes of scone mix so I suspect one, or both, will end up in the bags of food I bring to the food pantry a couple of times a week.

I guess I should at least try one box to see if that are any good. I have some fresh blueberries that I can add for tomorrow morning’s breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Cool crisp beautiful morning here in 10506-Land. Going to start the long list of autumn chores today – covering the a/c compressors, bringing in all the patio furniture, closing up and bringing in the clothesline, getting down the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree stand…Christmas is right around the corner!! Hard to believe.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Gee, They Went All Out

  1. Crispy and clear day. Many green leaves left on the trees, especially the maples. Many leaves on the ground, too. Shoveling sand against the tide.
    I don’t bother to cover the A/C compressors. From what I’ve read, it’s a toss-up either way. There’s a fair amount of work to do to get the place ready for winter. I leave most of the porch furniture out, cover the cushions and move the furniture to the middle of the porch and cover with tarps.
    How’s Dawg doing?

    1. Agree with the yes versus no of covering a/c – some say covering them brings mice in to stay warm and build nests.

      Dawg is fine. She seems okay with the drop routine, give me no fuss, sits and lets me put the drops in her eye. It’s not nearly as red today. But the color to watch reduce is actually green – the iris of a dog with an eye ulcer is cloudy green. There are lots of photos online but warning, they are graphic. I chose not to post any of those.

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