Foto Friday

To start off right – two beauties from CosHarbour…

Seagull and Ship

Forsaking after voting on the Hudson River

From the local paper, now gone viral, a photo taken by Bill Clinton of Hillary walking in the woods near Chappaqua, met by a voter. Probably the most relaxed I’ve seen her. Content even. Why it never occurred to her and her team to let Americans see this side of her when she was running is beyond me. This is a Hillary that voters never saw.

The Obama transition team thrilled to welcome the President Elect Trump. Bye bye ValJar. By Bye Susan Rice. Bye Bye Jen Hashtag Psaki.

And an old video, taken on my favorite walking road….

A nod to the first Punkin Chunkin we went to…note the quality camera work! NOT.

And a HUGE thanks to reader Flash for recommending the clothing website Poetry Fashion. I ordered two of their merino wool cardigans, wore one all day yesterday and adore it. Adore it . Just the right weight, light enough to keep off the chill but not heavy. Pockets. I love pockets. And long enough to cover what needs to be covered.

Happy Friday and of course, to those of you here who served our country, many many thanks on this Veterans’ Day.

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    1. Then hey former neighbor. It’s a gorgeous house, a perfect waterfall. Maybe you remember years ago the owners wanted to cut off the road up to Long Ridge that goes in front of the house. One person opposed it and the town caved. 99% of people use the straight up road and do NOT use the left side up the mill house. I know the husband of the owner has been long dead but maybe its time for the wife or other family members to revisit closing that access. It would make the property so much more serene.

    1. That’s why I bought two. Plus they were on sale. Now that I have them and love their fabric and fit, I may order more, just as more future protection. Thanks!!

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