Oh dear. Dawg has an Eye Ulcer


Poor old gal. Her eye has been goopy and red recently, enough of a problem we went to the vet today. The doctor diagnosed it as an Eye Ulcer.

The vet said it was likely something that hit or blew into her eye, like dust or leaves from a leaf blower or a branch hitting her eye. He said it’s not a sign of aging. And its curable. That’s good news.

Drops three times a day, including a product the vet called very new, the corneal repair gel.

GETTING the drops into the UPPER part of her eye, not the corner, requires near Olympic caliber gymnastic skills on my part. I have to get over her, lift her head, hold her still with one hand, open here eye with the other, and with the third hand, apply the drops.

She seems to understand this action results in her feeling better and she doesn’t balk or move. The vet wants to see her again in seven to ten days to see if there’s been improvement enough to discontinue the medication. We were to leave for the Outer Banks on the 12th but cancelled because of so much going on. This new wrinkle makes me doubly glad to be home while Dawg heals.

She’s asleep now. Aaah.

4 thoughts on “Oh dear. Dawg has an Eye Ulcer

    1. The vet called today to see if her eye is improving. Honestly, I can’t tell yet. She doesn’t balk at letting me put the drops in. I get right up close and give her a kiss as I open her eye. She must know the medicine is for the good.

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