Obviously a Former matryoshka doll assembler!

I ordered six individual stoneware gratin dishes from Sur La Table, six small dishes, and when the box came today, I wondered if they misunderstood my order. The box is enormous, and inside, there was level upon level of wrapping.


The lower layer was long strands of twisted heavy brown paper.

Then each of the three boxes was wrapped in white paper and a crinkle cut brown paper that must add another level of security the products don’t break.

Then there were the three boxes, each had blocks of Styrofoam holding the ends of the stoneware….

Then….voila, the “durable” stoneware!!

Quite extraordinary (and unnecessary?) packaging in my humble opinion but I guess stores err on the side of caution than fret about an angry customer saying what they bought arrived broken. The shipping costs on the $35 worth of gratin dishes was $8.99. Not horribly steep, especially compared to the amount of products they used.

I’m going to keep the whole nine yards of it – box and all, as it may come in handy for shipping any Christmas presents later or packing up anything fragile for the attic. Plus it would seem cruel to throw away what can be recycled, and I can’t make myself destroy someone’s hard labor at sending the dishes to me.

The gratin dishes are going to be for another Lidia recipe I might do for Christmas morning- Melanzane e uova al forno. Mr. EOS will respectfully decline as he can’t stand either ingredient in that dish. I’ll make french toast for him.

2 thoughts on “Obviously a Former matryoshka doll assembler!

    1. Me too! I was sure I had a stack of them. I found all my individual custard dishes I use for crème brûlée but no sight of the gratin dishes. I had two options: go up in the attic and look through boxes until I found them OR click “complete order” on Sur La Table! I chose the latter. 😀

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