Good Morning America. I watched all night long, through to and including Trump’s victory speech and I can’t begin to tell you the joy in my heart.

It is a real vindication for working class Americans, people who felt left out of the Obama and Clinton elite regime, a win for our military who give their lives for America, who wear the Police Blue, who dig coal, who own mom and pop stores, who watched their healthcare become unaffordable.

Despite almost no sleep, I wanted to get up by 6am to watching Morning Joe, to see how Mika and Joe were going to get through the show. Mika is wearing black. Joe, the liar that he is, is now saying he always saw a path for a trump win. Right Joe.

Crickets this morning from Romney, Jeb Bush, Kasich, all R turncoats who trump ran over on his wan to a win without their help.

Crickets from the fake R TV anchors, like Ana Navarro and Nicolle Wallace, even Dana Perino, who were solidly in Jeb’s corner and turned on Trump, now silent.

Crickets from the mainstream media, in shock this morning, stunned that their #ImWithHer gag phrase didn’t pan out.

Stunned and silent are all the celebs, every last one of them who told us we were worthless for wanting Trump. To them especially, I say this win is huge.

Bernie Sanders ought to feel vindicated too. Seems many of his supporters went out for Trump. Trump won more Latino voters than Romney, more black votes than Romney.

Florida. North Carolina. Pennsylvania. Wisconsin. Trump. The rust belt spoke and they spoke loud and clear.

Trump’s speech was excellent, humbled, right tone, giving a nod to Hillary.

Now, if you are a Hillary fan, I have to think more than anything, you are angry that she sent Podesta out last night to tell her massive number of supporters to go home. What kind of chicken shit is that – in the face of her loss, she couldn’t come out and speak, thank her legions of fans? To my mind, that was the worst.

This win is for my mom too. She a huge Trump fan, so I called her at 2:45 this morning to tell her how much I love her and how thrilling this moment is for America. Vindication. Vindication.

President Donald J. Trump. It’s real people, it’s real.

UPDATE: One of the kids texted me this photo last night. Not sure where they bought the wine and I didn’t know there was even a Trump brand of wine so I begged them to keep one bottle to give to their grandmother. They did.



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  1. Hooray Hooray redux. Florida, we brought it to Trump. The victory speech was genuine, Pence was overwhelmed too.

    I watched CBS a bit, some NBC. Tom Brokaw can’t get over this loss. He’s still angry. Doesn’t know what to tell his two granddaughters. Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell, also incredulous over the Trump win. Norah even saying this morning that “if only Clinton had won Pennsylvania…”. Denial.

    I’ll help those celebs pack. Get them all out of here. More than anything, I hope Kasich and Jeb and Romney realize their NeverTrump campaign was going against the people’s vote, the people’s wishes. Voters told them where to put their NeverTrump attitudes.

    EOS, this means you continue to blog. A double great day to be alive today.

  2. Wonderful morning! I thought his speech was great. Markets are not as bad as expected–we were hoping for a sale on stocks this morning.

    I agree, she should have sucked it up and given a speech. However, my friend/mentor tweeted this last night:

    If you win, don’t gloat.
    If you lose, don’t despair.

    We’ve all been through this. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    I can’t imagine how hard a concession speech will be for Hilary.

    1. I am going to post a photo in a bit of the winning bottle last night but I have to transfer the pic from my phone to the blog -hang on a second.

  3. Of course my candidate lost, but I don’t feel the sting of that loss nearly so badly – at least for the moment anyway – as I surely would have had Killary won. My celebration will be January 20th when Barky the dog-eating Indonesian-Kenyan is no longer POTUS. Already got my bottle of Veuve Cliquot Rose for the occasion. YIPPEE KIYEAH!!!!!

        1. I know a few others who voted for Johnson. No offense, but Johnson didn’t seem smart enough to win your vote. Was it that you wanted a libertarian (which his running mate Weld was NOT!) or was it a FU vote against Trump?

        2. My personal belief is that HRC and Trump are both clinical malignant narcissists. I’m certain of it as to her, I strongly suspect it to be the case with him, though he does seem to have a sense of humor about himself (I’m thinking of the Capital One Bank Card Dumster-diving advertisement) that she does not appear to possess at all.

          So basically it was a big FU to the ELITES of BOTH parties who are completely delusional and oblivious to the the experience and pain of all of the rest of the country.

  4. I didn’t watch tv at all last night. Went to bed with a book and fell asleep early. Woke at midnight and haven’t slept since.
    Last week I voted for Trump. I knew my state would go for Clinton and it did. What I’m finding so surprising today is that my friends*who voted for her aren’t all that disappointed in the result. I watched Obama’s speech and even he didn’t seem terribly upset. Biden actually looked pleased.
    * where I live, I wouldn’t have many friends if I eliminated all the dems. Long ago I figured I wasn’t rich enough nor poor enough to join their politics.
    And, we get to keep EOS!

    1. Many of my friends are Dem, and a couple of family members too. They were apoplectic at the Trump win, remaining quiet today, just not able to comprehend why anyone would vote for Trump.

      New York and RI are solidly Blue so anyone on our collective families voting for Trump would get cancelled out but in the long run, all those cancelled out votes mattered. Thankfully!

  5. Drove to Tennessee yesterday and stopped for gas in western Virginia. Saw a bumper sticker on an old (70s) sedan… “I’m a deplorable and proud of it.”
    Need look no further to explain defeat of the inevitable winner.

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