I Voted! 

Lines were long. Overflow parking across the street. Many didn’tremember their district number to know in which line to queue which held up lines a bit. But everyone fairly jovial. 

Now it’s time to wait. I’m going to busy myself all day, lightbulbs to change, ironing, patio furniture cushions to bring to garage, and likely a vet appointment for Dawg. She has something the matter with her right eye. Bloodshot. Goopy. Trouble opening it. I’ve put compresses on it and she’s let me do that so it must feel better. 

Otherwise, nothing else to report. Have a great day! 

34 thoughts on “I Voted! 

  1. Two more here. And my car is now branded for Trump. Not usually my thing. But the boy was excited. My distraction for the day: lice scare! Boys friends, who we saw yesterday infested! Argh!

    1. So many people in line today had their children along to witness the vote. More men with their daughters (which I translated as dads voting for Hillary).

      Lice. Been there. Done that. Ugh.

  2. I’ll be venturing out to the polls in an hour to proudly and defiantly cast my vote for The Donald…a futile effort as Connecticut will sleazily award all its delegates to Hildabeast in any case. At least I will be able to sleep, albeit fitfully given the corrupt libtard regime about to descend upon the US of A, knowing I symbolically offered up a middle digit to the Demonrat rhumba.

    1. “Anonymous” at 10:18above is COBRA! I sure wouldn’t want anyone to think I would anonymously state support for The Donald. I ‘ll proudly wear (except at the polls where I think it’s forbidden) my “Make America Great Again” hat today. I will, however, leave at home my “Grab Them…” hat.

      1. I thought those words were from your voice Cobra. Thanks for clarifying it!

        Is it forbidden to wear any candidate support garb? I didn’t know that. Hmmmm. I guess my shoes were generic R, not Trump specific. I am pretty sure my son said he wore his MAGA hat to vote. Let me ask him again.

        1. I may be incorrect in my suspicion that garb supporting a given candidate is verboten at polling places. I’m just guessing that, given the pervasive PC mania that has inundated our formerly “free speech” society, such partisan declaration would be forbidden. I am, however, wearing my official RNC “Reagan/Bush ’84” t-shirt today. Hopefully that expression of party allegiance will trigger the insect-intelligence Shrillary supporters into a nausea-inducing tizzy.

  3. I voted last week. Over 30% of my town’s registered voters had cast their ballots before today. I just drove by and it’s very busy at the voting site probably as much for the local issues as the presidential election.

  4. Where are you going to watch the results? Fox? I have to check if I even have any channels (rarely watch live tv, never the news). I know it won’t be CNN, or MSNBC, but if I have to pick between pbs, cbs, NBC or abc…any advice? The middle schooler will be staying up to watch. I’m thinking at least PBS doesn’t have ads

    1. I just DVR’ed Fox News from 6 PM to 1 AM. If it looks like Shrillary will win, I’ll turn off the tube and try to sleep. If Donald wins, I’ll break out the Dom and party on, Wayne.

    1. By the way, even though I am watching Fox now, I can’t stomach Megyn Kelly, nor Karl Rove. It’s a battle to watch any channel at this point – they are all filled with self-serving analysts. I may watch with the mute button.

  5. OT, I know we are focused on the election but let me put out a movie recommendation before I go to Sarasota tomorrow to check on how the new house is coming. If Martha needs a Swedish film fix, this is it. A Man Called Ove. I saw it at the Avon and I think it is gone but everyone I know who has seen it thought it quite good. My wife who is quite the reader says it follows the book, but of course the book is better in that it gives more detail and nuance.


  6. Florida can go for Trump. It’s the panhandle that could break it his way. We voted in long lines today in Miami. Bring it home Trump.

    1. It’ll be Pennsylvania that carries Trump over the top!

      I have giant toothpicks in my eyes to stay awake. CNN is still is denial not calling Wisconsin which others called two hours ago.

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