I’m Leaving It Up to The Election Results….

….the fate of the blog, that is.

With little to blog about, no enthusiasm even to dig up an OLD post to rerun, and waning readership, here’s the deal.

More fabulous Branco cartoons at ComicallyIncorrect.com
Trump becomes President. I continue, with renewed vigor and promise to up the ante of good blog posts.

If Hillary wins, I call it quits, run away with Dawg (and Mr. EOS) to the South Pacific and leave this as the last blog post to go into internet history.

I thought about live blogging the election Tuesday but honestly, my stomach is so tied up in knots, worried about the outcome, that if it looks like Hillary could win, I’d throw up all over the keyboard. Of course, I’m trying to keep optimistic, but not overly so. Not putting any chickens in the basket. But hoping and wishing (and even praying) for a President Trump.


24 thoughts on “I’m Leaving It Up to The Election Results….

  1. Here’s proof Trump will win. The man knows TastyKake.

    I am sure it’s hard to blog every day and keep us all enthused at the same time. I hope for America’s sake Trump wins and for my daily routine, you continue to amuse us.

  2. Ditto. I “feel” like Trump will make it, but fear keeps slipping in. I also felt like Mitt would make it…and I don’t trust what I read 90% of the time….so, tonight I’m researching my Hillary wins plan of hauling off to the Northlands where socialism at least works somewhat and most have come to learn immigration needs to be tightened. Here is my top pick, so far…about 40 mins north of my mother-in-law


    1. Take us with you. The house is gorgeous. I’d have a hard time with the socialism aspect of Sweden but for your family, bilingual, married to a born Swede, family there, it makes sense. Would you continue to homeschool if you moved or are the Swedish schools better such that you’d feel comfortable putting the boys back in classrooms?
      Let’s hope you stay and do the RV for a year trip. That sounds fun.

      1. It’s mostly to soothe myself at the moment. Hubs loves our house here and isn’t ready to move back. He thinks the transitions will be slow going and the short term impact will be small. I’m more of a bear and really concerned about Connecticut fiscal affairs. Homeschooling is actually not legal in Sweden. Given the latitude, we would need at least six months in Florida, so I could call one or the other home base and continue on as planned with the schooling. In general Swedish schools are more about play up until 7 years old. High school is crazy competitive and stress inducing as your high school grades and course choices have a huge impact on your career choices.

        I’d have a better chance of convincing the husband of the RV trip than moving to Sweden, strangely enough. I think it would make a good transition year, though.

        I was a little stressed with my previous post and rushed through it, not adequately expressing how much I enjoy you and your blog. You are like a beacon of reasonableness in a sea of constant information. Thank you for all the effort you have put in, even on the mundane. That is reality. I think part of our (Americas) problem is everyone thinks they can (and deserve to!!) live like a television show. Not even the kardashians can do it withouth frequent meltdowns, or can they?–I don’t actually know, or care. Anyhow, I hope you keep it up, and not just the happy outcome of President Trump. โค๏ธ

        1. Martha,
          Thanks for the longer “move versus stay” explanation. Lots to weigh. Lots to consider. Lots to worry about. The country is at a major turning point. It either continues falling off a cliff or changes. I only see Trump able to change.

          I guess Swedish socialism is why homeschooling is illegal? Hard for Americans to comprehend.

          Just so you know, you are my beacon of reasonableness. Mutual admiration society.

  3. Here are a couple of Swedish words I’ll explain for you. Lagom means “just right”. I had much resistance to it when we lived there because the basic tenant is that too much is just as bad for you as scarcity. Very anti American, huh? Socialism does promote lagom, we will distribute things for you. Now, I’m looking at it more in light of being satisfied with what you have. Not always wanting more. More house, better car, bigger bank account, richer food, more more more! It’s nutso. So I’m embracing that idea a little more. Remember I told you we bought a Volvo? Well, I can’t hardly drive it because it makes me feel all ego-y. It’s so flashy, I feel totally self conscious. I’ve also experienced shameful feelings that my house is too nice, and by having a nice house, I may make others feel badly ๐Ÿ˜•

    The other is allmansratt (may have misspelled it) and I have a much harder time with this one. It basically means that every man (human) has the right to walk, ride or camp wherever they please. So if you buy a $$$$ private, luxury property on the coast, strangers can camp out on your beach, or even in your yard! There are some limits on time (they gotta keep moving, maybe 24hr max?), and proximity to your dwelling (maybe 500 feet away, unless there is beach/coast involved). So, theoretically, you could have different backpackers camped out in your front yard every day of the year. Yikes!

    Lagom probably has some bearing on homeschool being illegal. I suspect it’s the “good enough for all” mentality, homogenization above all.

    Kids have friends over, so I have nothing to do but blab on!๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Rarotonga and Aitutaki are the most beautiful islands (and the only ones we have been to) in the South Pacific. May be going back soon hopefully..just gorgeous there.

  5. Please don’t say you’ll stop blogging, you’ve become an important part of our day and we won’t have new things to learn and laugh and enjoy from EOSR. There are so many times I quote you or reference something you’ve posted about and didn’t know till you touched upon it. Please don’t go. Take a rejuvenation break, hit the pause button, make a 2 – week (or more) posting of just photos, no commentary, nothing. — but don’t just ditch us!

  6. I’ll echo Sound Beacher. You’re the best blogger I’ve come across. There’s always something interesting to read. Travels? I’d never know about old buildings in Iowa or what it’s like to sail on the QMII. House matters? Too many with which I identify. I can’t look for a parking space without noting whose car has taken up too much from or is in a “no parking” zone.
    Did I mention photographs? Yours and your faithful readers’.
    So, whatever happens on Tuesday night, please don’t abandon us.
    Plus, we need to know about North Carolina.
    No politics on our tv this morning. Murray vs Isner is on tennis channel.

  7. The election: This, too, shall pass. (But not soon enough.) Listening to music. Reading an old book. Scavenging the last few flowers from the garden not yet “frosted.” A drive in the country to see the last of the magnificent autumn colors ………..

    1. I debated about going to the PC this year, especially since it’s finally back on its home turf. The last year we attended was when someone got seriously hurt and sued the organization. The founders got nervous and the games sat idle for a couple of years. I am shocked that more people have NOT been hurt but the people who own and operate the air canons are incredibly smart and devoted to their machines. They know the risks and we never felt unsafe.

      I wonder now with this new injury whether the PC will come to an end once and for all.

  8. Please, please, please, EOSr: Unplug and Chill Out. Open a bottle now and let the bender begin.

    We’ll call your landline Wednesday morning, and I am sure you will have lots to say.

    You could also consider letting your lens do the talking.

    1. My landline will be busy – My first call Wednesday morning is to my mother. Then my hairdresser (an avid Trump fan) and depending on the outcome, a call to my sister to either to tell her congrats on Hillary’s win or to tell her things WILL be okay with a Trump presidency.

      Meanwhile, to chill, I’ve been reading Hillbilly Elegy (good read), planning the Thanksgiving menu, rescheduling the trip to NC (not going right after the election – too much to do for my mother’s birthday party and Thanksgiving to fit a week away too).

  9. I agree with everyone else and hope you continue your blog. The level of informative posts, fact sharing and civil adult discourse here are not easy to find on the web or blogs. I know it must be frustrating to try and come up with interesting blog topics when all of us lead busy and not so interesting to others lives. Possibly some of the regulars could submit guest blog posts on occasion to lighten the load, along the lines of what EarthImage and Sound Beacher have done in the past. And you could always pull a Gideon and disappear for some period of time until the spirit moves you.

    Question for Martha if she sees this. What is your inside perspective on the immigrant/asylum situation in Sweden? Is it as bad as the media makes out, or at least, is it perceived by the Swedes to be a serious problem? A couple of my wife’s friends visited family in Austria a few months ago and didn’t like what they saw in this regard.

    As far as the election, I will vote for Trump because I think he is less likely to start WWIII than Hillary. I was going to sit out this election, but want to go vote against Blumenthal anyway (though I know it will do no good), so won’t waste the opportunity to make some small statement, though we know CT is a blue state.

    1. Thanks for the support RDW. I appreciate it. I’ve taken breaks before (needed) but in the back of my mind my brain is hard-wired to think “hey, I can blog about that”. I’m not saying that’s a good thing – it’s just after so many years at this, that’s how I think.

      My mom votes in the same place as Biden so I told mom to wear as much red as she could tomorrow morning – cameras might be at her polling place. She is so excited to cast her vote for Trump. Really she is.

      I only have one child who lives in the area who will vote with me tomorrow. Both of us for Trump. Fingers crossed.

      Good question for Martha. I hope she comes back to respond.

    2. Well, as usual, I tend to keep myself in a bubble. Nothing different in Sweden. My mother in law lives in a small, resort type town and we don’t wander into the big city much. Our usual cab driver that gives us transport to and from Copenhagen is Turkish and a great guy. There are many middle eastern immigrants that have assimilated and that is great for them and Sweden as well. However, old friends from Stockholm and people who live year around tell a different story of mosques popping up in the middle of towns, immigrants milking the system (ever flowing teat of mother sverige) and increased violence. Most swedes are inherently somewhat racist—i.e. Not too trusting of non blondes/blues while still being politically correct–and are pretty disturbed by people praying to Mecca at all hours. Not to mention being taken advantage of. But borders are up, now, entitlements are fading slowly and the ones who are not integrated are being offered cash to return home. Most swedes consider Muslim immigrants to be one of the major concerns in the country.

      I am feeling so distraught at the thought of Hillary winning. Seriously. Is our country so far gone, that she is even a contender? I’m rather a peri-menopausal wreck at the moment…for the past couple of days actually. I wonder if I shouldn’t turn off media. Forecast calling for 64 and sunny tomorrow. Maybe a beach day is needed…

      ๐Ÿ™ For Trump, and America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  10. I’m passing this on because it worked for me today. A doctor on TV said that in order to have inner peace in our lives during this political campaign, we should always finish things that we start. Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I’d started & hadn’t finished.
    I finished a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a choclutz. Yu has no idr how fablus I feel rite now.
    Sned this to all ur frenz who need inner pess. An telum u luvum.

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