Friday Funnies

I was sent a pretty eye-opening and very funny (yet also serious) YT video about the differences whites and blacks have about Voter ID.


The premise: White students at Berkeley are asked about Voter ID. Typical liberal sheeple answers – yes, racist, dumb blacks can’t understand internet. Oh my, their responses are incredibly stupid. Then, blacks in Harlem interviewed – the SMART ones in the group. Yet, yet, yet, The Dems want us to believe that all Voter ID laws are bad for blacks and other minorities. Do you know anyone on this planet without an ID of some kind, fake or not, or a phone? I don’t.

Enjoy. I got a good chuckle and also a Sigh, what pathetic white liberals our nation has bred.


Happy Friday. FOUR MORE DAYS until we vote. I can not wait.

3 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. I wish the whole country could see this video. it really shows the ugly side of the liberal mindset, that they think blacks are too stupid and lazy. yet Repubs get the hate?

  2. As long as if Friday Funnies and we’re talking blacks, this should fit right in to the theme. For as lame as SNL is these days, I thought this skit was good.

    The WSJ had an article last week on the best Ivy colleges and one of the comments said they wouldn’t send their child to any one of the elite schools. Witness the kids at Berkeley. It’s surprising to me blacks are more offended when told they are too poor or dumb to get an ID or have a phone. They should be outraged at how the democrats use them.

    1. Tom Hanks being funny? I didn’t think that was possible, but whoa, he did a great job as a Trump voting redneck. Too bad in real life he’s just another Clinton voting liberal.

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