That Time You Stayed Up to Watch the Cubs Win and Nuked Leftover Coffee

Yes, I did stay up for the whole Game 7. Well, truth be told, I nodded a bit around 11:30, woke panicked I missed the end of the game, only to see at 11:58 they called a rain delay. I got OUT of bed, sat in a chair in the bedroom to make sure I stayed away for the last pitch. The Cubs did NOT disappoint.


Even Hillary, Queen Panderer, was thrilled for the Cubs, unless of course, she needs to be thrilled for the Yankees, or says her favorite food is Mexican, or Soul Food, or…you get my drift.


I shuffled into the kitchen this morning to make a full pot of coffee only to notice that yesterdays carafe was 98% full. I hated to waste it so I put it in a pan to reheat it. But as Goldilocks reported, it was too hot that way. I let it cool a bit, but then it was too cold, so I nuked a cup. OMG, there is nothing worse than microwaved coffee, unless it is Kuerig coffee cups.


I am thrilled thrilled thrilled for the Cubs, even as a lifelong Phillies fan – and I’d like to finish the win column for the snarky peeps at Five Thirty Eight.

Bring it home, Trump. Bring it home!



3 thoughts on “That Time You Stayed Up to Watch the Cubs Win and Nuked Leftover Coffee

  1. We watched too, even as one time Yankees fans. Don’t you have family in Cleveland? I thought you’d be rooting for them.

    1. Shhhh, I haven’t texted my Cleveland cousins about their loss. I guess I wanted Chicago more for the 108 year gap and historic nature of a win.

  2. My husband is a lifelong Indians fan having grown up in Ohio . He was sad that the Indians didn’t take the series this year BUT he’s thrilled that the Cubs were the ones that beat them. My eyes were propped open with toothpicks last night but I made it to the end of the game. What a great World Series it was! My National League heart is with the Phillies too but so happy for the Cubs today…

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