Consumers Least favorite Word


I know, companies have planned obsolescence so we will buy their latest and greatest but darn, for us old farts who get to like something and want to keep one thing, geez, we have no chance whatsoever.



My favorite electric toothbrush, Oral B Sonic Complete. Discontinued for a long time now and according to Oral B, better ones have come out, but the bottom drawer of my bathroom vanity tells a different story – of other Oral B and Phillips electric toothbrushes that make my head spin.  I now have duct tape on my original Sonic Complete and pay a fortune on Amazon for their proprietary-only-fits-Sonic-Complete brush heads (another pet peeve).


My favorite Eileen Fisher jacket, a simple black wool car length sweater, no collar, snap front, dress up or down, covers the backside. Perfection. My old one is nearing a decade old now, starting to show age, a hole here and there but I’m hanging on to it for dear life.

This isn’t it exactly, but close enough for you to get the drift:




My favorite old car size Kleenex boxes, now replaced with boxes that make one have to be an Olympic gymnast to access the Kleenex from the car side pocket. Puffs brand makes a car cup design that is  are about the stupidest design ever.Kleenex brand new wedge design, equally tough to access one sneezenex. Begs the question: why would you take a winner, a proven product, remove it from the market??


And if you aren’t discouraged enough about things constantly being discontinued, CHANGE is a pretty awful fear for consumers too. My housefrau outfit includes a Lands End long-sleeve polo shirt. Been wearing them forever. I bought a couple more recently, same model, same size, but Lord, they are completely differently made, the sleeves come down to my knees and the length overall of the shirt is almost FIVE INCHES MORE. For me, a shortstride, this makes the shirt long enough to be a mini skirt on me.


Same goes for a pair of TravelSmith pants I bought for the trip. I ordered the same model, the same size as the old ones, and I couldn’t pull them on. I had to return them. I notice many merchants are referring to their ALL NEW sizing. Hey, what if we want the OLD sizing??

To further the frustration level of consumers, when I returned the TravelSmith pants and two other things to another merchant, I wrote a note attached the return slip, saying how disappointed I was that the old sizing is gone. Not one merchant reached out to me for comment, or further discussion. So when they say “add comments”, who reads it and what do they do with it? Apparently nothing.

I don’t buy all that many clothes but I’m a tough fit because I’m short so when I find a brand that fits me perfectly, I am brand loyal, but I guess the merchants aren’t as loyal back. Sigh.

In political news, like many of you, I’m in full panic mode, worried about a bomb dropping on Trump, not wanting to be optimistic about a chance for his win, but but but when the leading democratic statistician and odds maker, Five Thirty Eight, says, hmmmm, there might be a chance for Trump to get the Electoral College win, well, I might think that means there IS a chance.

A week from today, we’ll know. Hard to comprehend. Hang on tight. Otherwise, have a good Wednesday.


8 thoughts on “Consumers Least favorite Word

    1. Okay, I get it. You are unhappy with my lack of quality blog posts. You’ve made that abundantly clear. So why bother coming back to look if you think he blog should be discontinued?

  1. My beef is with Cheerios. I swear since they went gluten free- as if oats had gluten to begin with- Cheerios get soggy more quickly and lack the crispiness right out of the box.
    And, what’s up with beer that tastes like dessert? Pumpkin pie and apple pie spices don’t belong in beer. I don’t usually drink beer at all but my local wine seller had a beer tasting last weekend.
    There were years when my entire wardrobe was made up of Eileen Fisher and I still wear some of those clothes . I stopped visiting Eileen when she no longer carried the basics I loved.
    Poetry Fashion sounds like it may have potential.
    Gosh, this makes me sound old, doesn’t it……

  2. PLEASE: Just keep blogging , despite first comment above. These are tenterhook-times with the upcoming election. News is AWFUL: black/white, police shootings, national debt. Ugh!!!! Pix of Dawg, butterflies, recipes, cranky reports of double-parkers in town MOST appreciated.

    1. Ditto the above.
      I admit to being cranky too. Sick of the campaign, worried about what’s going to happen next Tuesday and exhausted from staying up late to watch the World Series. I was so happy to be outside today raking leaves, soaking up the sun and marveling that some of the grass seed the lawn guy dropped in my front yard has sprouted in spite of the watering ban in Greenwich. The baby grass made me smile.
      My most missed discontinued item = apricot sauce at Trader Joe’s. It’s been gone for years but I still look for it every time I shop there. It made my Monday to Friday oatmeal regimen more palatable.

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