It’s Never Easy

You know that refund from United I am due?? Well…………………….


First, the United message was that the refund would come automatically, that the system would recognize I paid for Economy Plus and didn’t get that seat.

When it was obvious THAT was a joke, I filed for a refund on the United website. easy enough. For a few days the status said Pending. Then this morning, it said Uh Oh, call United.

I figured that can’t be a good thing, so before I called, I armed myself with the date and amount I was charged for the E+ seat, the tracking number of the refund, the ticket number, my height, weight and date of birth.

Of course, try actually getting a Live Agent. Pres One now for took me to Press Two For MORE Options and in there was the Press One for Refund Status. Naturally, that brought about the message you can check the status of your refund online, at our website.  I kept saying Customer Service, Live Agent, and I believe I even uttered Effing Live Agent but the voice kept asking me if I was flying within the United States or Internationally. I said International for the sake of saying something and finally got an agent.

Long story short, she said the refund will be coming but the delay was MY FAULT. My fault? How could that be? She said I used the wrong Ticket number to file for my refund. I told her I took the number right off the boarding pass and I was sure I didn’t make a type. She retorted that there are two DIFFERENT ticket numbers – one when you make the reservation  and one on the ticket. Both start with 016. I checked Mr. EOS’s ticket and his numbers were identical –  from the initial reservation confirmation to the number on the boarding pass. The agent’s story didn’t hold water but I didn’t complain. I said thanks for straightening it out.

ANYWAY, she said she made a correction in the system, gave me a new tracking number to follow the bouncing dollar signs of my refund, and added that I should hear from United within 24 hours.

Let’s see if she’s right. I am not holding my breath.

7 thoughts on “It’s Never Easy

  1. Hillary is singing your headline today – It’s never easy. She is getting slammed in today’s WikiLeaks, Podesta and Cheryl Mills saying in March 2015, the evening of the day the Times released it’s breaking story about the email, that they should get rid of all the email quickly. No intent there??

    This too, sickening the corruption.

    1. I don’t have the TV on at the moment so I haven’t read this newest batch of Podesta emails. He’s a sleeze and so is Cheryl Mills. The one you linked above is the most serious as it says that Barbara Simmons is an Election Commission official. She should be arrested, today. Along with everyone else. Thanks for the update.

  2. Ha! As someone in business for myself, I spend time pretty much each and every day trying to collect money irrefutably owed me by various companies, for things like policies cancelled before expiration date which by their nature are front loaded. Sadly, this activity now extends to my personal life as well. I am not surprised by your experience. They are hoping you get daunted by the process and confused by the BS.

    1. Guilty as charged. It is slow. Not bored but just darn nothing to blog about other than politics and that’s why half my regulars left because they didn’t like my politics. I never begrudge readers leaving. Never.

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