Scones, with a special ingredient

Mmmmmm, nothing like opening a box of scone mix to make raspberry scones only to find flying bugs inside and outside the box. Protein????





The mix doesn’t expire until December of this year so it isn’t old so I called the number on the box, Conifer Inc, makers of this brand scone mix and other products.

They were very polite and helpful, especially AFTER I said I was only looking for a coupon to replace the box. I am sure every food manufacturer worries that they will get a lawsuit after someone finds something in a box or mix. Hey, that’s not me. I asked if they wanted me to return the product to the store but I added I wasn’t even sure when I bought it or at which store – Shoprite or Stop and Shop, so she said no, throw it out. Before I do, they want me to wait for a phone call from the manager, to probably get the batch numbers etc from the bar code.

No harm no foul. Bugs happen but darn, with friends coming over for tea at 4, I now have to scramble to make something else to serve….or I could make these and ask my guests to guess the flavor! Trick AND Treat!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Scones, with a special ingredient

  1. I believe those bugs are a variation of what my grandmother calls pantry moths. They like to find their way into flour etc. She had some contraption to prevent them,

    If the box doesn’t expire until the end of this year, one has to wonder how long the mix sat at the plant before it was boxed. It takes a long while for those moths to start appearing.

    You can make scones from scratch (and should anyway). Or if you have Bisquick, make scones from there too.

  2. Yes, “pantry moths”. Be very careful — my kitchen was infested with disgusting larvae at one point, and it was very, very difficult (and expensive!) to get rid of them once and for all.

    They come in through flour and flour-based products. We were told to either store all such products in the freezer or in airtight canisters.

    1. Thanks. I keep all my flour based products in plastic canisters in a different part of the kitchen. This was sitting on a shelf where I keep saltines etc. I sent photos to the company and in turn they are sending me a box of unbugged goodies from their warehouse. I made it clear I wasn’t looking for anything other than a coupon to replace this box. The buggy one is already out the door in the trash.

  3. Tea? You’re serving tea at 4:00? Is that something new in Bedford? A few days in London and the next thing you know every afternoon you’ll be serving tea, scones and watercress sandwiches with the crusts removed. Some folks prefer bourbon…..

    The WSJ had a great recipe for scones a while back. Good enough to make plenty to freeze to have on hand for your tea totaling guests.

    1. Bourbon, with a dash of tea. 🙂 I did make scones from scratch and it was simple – found recipe online. I don’t usually buy boxed things.

      It was a gathering for a friend who is off to Florida for the winter – this time in Bedford only to pack up her house for the final time, sold, now to become a full time Floridian. Another smart NYer.

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